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Apple released its new operating system update, iOS 15, on Monday.

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Here’s what we know about the new system and what you can do with it:

· IOS 15 lets you make FaceTime calls to Windows and Android users. Prior to iOS 15, FaceTime was restricted to users of Apple products.

· By the end of the year, Apple has promised that you will be able to stream movies and TV shows during a FaceTime call with friends.

· You can listen to music with a band, and using a shared queue, everyone can participate in adding songs and see which song is next.

· You can share your screen with everyone during a FaceTime call. You can browse a photo album together, show someone how to knit, or explore a museum together.

· If you like to dress up your Memoji, iOS 15 lets you customize outfits and accessories.

· Multiple photos now appear as a collage or stack of images in messages.

· Mute alerts let you know you’re talking while you mute.

· The maps give more details for driving assistance. It also includes easy-to-see real-time traffic conditions.

· There is a lower tab bar feature on Safari. Swipe left or right on the address bar to move between tabs. Or swipe up to see all of your open tabs.

· You can save and organize tabs in Safari and share them across multiple devices.

· You can quickly save the photos sent to you by pressing a new save button right in the Messages conversation.

· Select the notifications you want from people and apps so they come to you while you focus. You can also temporarily deactivate any application or message thread, for the next hour or for the day.

· Hotel keys can be added to Wallet from the participating hotel provider’s app. Add your hotel key to Wallet after making a reservation, use it to check in so you can skip the lobby, and use your iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock and access your room. Wallet automatically archives your pass after you leave to keep the passes organized while you travel.

· Spotlight uses the information in Photos to allow you to search your entire photo library by places, people, scenes, or even items in photos, such as a dog or a car. Find pictures shared through Messages by including a contact name in your search.

· Hide My Email allows you to create unique and random email addresses that are forwarded to your personal inbox so that you can send and receive emails without having to share your real email address.

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How did you get it? Do this:

First, you will need an iPhone SE (1st generation) or newer, or an iPhone 6s or newer. Then follow these steps:

· Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and a power source.

· Open Settings.

· Go to General and open this tab.

· Navigate to Software Update and open.

· Tap Download & Install.