We launched new software update pages!

By Not a Tesla app staff

Today we relaunched one of our favorite features; software update pages!

We’re just as excited as you are when you receive an update for our Tesla. Tesla makes a five-year-old car look like new again. He really never gets old.

We’ve made many improvements to our software update pages to make them even better.

Here are some of the changes you will find on the new pages.

• You will be able to see if a feature is available in your region

• We’ll show you the hardware required for each feature

• We will now display more precisely to which models a feature applies

• You can now continue to scroll to view previous updates

• We’re even reducing the number of ads (yay!)

• There’s a whole new design that’s cleaner and less cluttered

We launched Not a Tesla app two years ago to focus on Tesla software and its amazing features, but it has become even more than that and some of our features in the future will go even further.

Hard to believe this was our site two years ago

We’ve come a long way since the site’s inception and there are plenty of updates and features in the works that we’re excited to share soon.

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Our goal is to keep Tesla fans informed, not only of updates, but also of new and upcoming features.

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Stay tuned for more new features in the coming weeks and months. Our next feature is in a few days.

Thank you for being a Tesla fan and supporting us along the way.

So go ahead, check out the new update pages and let us know what you think.

By Nuno Cristovao

A first look at the Tesla 2022.24 update

Tesla has released its latest monthly update, version 2022.24.

As usual, these updates are (usually) filled with improvements and new features.

This update is no different.

Tesla Profiles

The first major feature of 2022.24 is the release of Cloud Profiles, officially known as Tesla Profiles.

Tesla Profiles will allow you to link your vehicle profile to your Tesla Account. Your supported profile settings will then be saved in the cloud, allowing you to sync driver profiles across multiple vehicles.

For more information on Tesla’s new cloud profiles, see our Tesla Profiles article.

Blind Spot Camera Improvements

Tesla introduced the blind spot camera about seven months ago with Tesla’s 2021 holiday update.

This function allows you to display the corresponding wing camera of the vehicle on the screen when you activate the turn signal.

Unfortunately, there was no choice as to where the camera feed appeared on the screen, and it was permanently fixed to the bottom of the screen.

With 2022.24, Tesla corrects this. You will be able to drag and drop the camera feed (video) to one of three predefined locations on the screen. They include the bottom corner closest to the driver, the top corner closest to the driver, or the top corner inside the map area near the “Navigate To” button.

Sentinel Mode Improvements

Sentinel mode has been a great addition since its introduction. It has already caught countless thieves and acts of vandalism.

As Teslas become more popular and the feature becomes well known, it could actually help reduce theft and crime.

With 2022.24, Tesla adds a new option to sentry mode: the ability to turn off sounds.

The ability to use sentry mode without having an audible alarm was actually part of the 2022.20 update, but it was only available in Israel, where local laws prohibit a vehicle alarm from making a sound. audible.

With 2022.24, Tesla now gives you the option to use a silent version of Sentry Mode.

Tesla says all other Sentry Mode features will continue to work, such as sending app notifications.

Driver Profiles

Over the years, Tesla has shifted many car preferences from the app for everyone to a specific driver.

With this update, Tesla is adding a few more. Your browsing favorites and recent locations will now be profile-specific.

This means that when someone else uses your vehicle, they will have their own set of recent locations, and your recent locations and other drivers’ destinations will no longer be mixed up.

Favorites and recent locations will also be enabled in cloud profiles. So when you change vehicles, you’ll have access to your same recent and favorite destinations.

Live traffic visualization

Live Traffic View, a premium connectivity feature that lets you view traffic along your route and surrounding streets.

Tesla now improves Live Traffic Viewing by making it easier to see traffic on your route.

The traditional blue path that appears in your navigation will now change color, depending on the amount of traffic for that particular area.

You can see a path that goes from blue to yellow to red, indicating the amount of traffic at each portion of the route, with blue meaning no traffic.

Traffic visualizations will always be displayed on adjacent roads.

Other Changes

It looks like Tesla has made some other minor changes to the top of the Model 3 and Y display.

In order to make room for the blind spot camera at the top of the screen, Tesla moved some elements around.

The turn signals have increased, and they are now above the regenerate/accelerate line and will appear between the speedometer and the battery icon.

When the Blind Spot Camera is active at the top of the screen, some icons will also move down, such as the headlights and HOLD icons.

The 2022.24 update is sure to be the one that many owners are looking forward to. However, keep in mind that Tesla features are often restricted to certain regions to comply with local laws or due to data limitations.

2022.24 may also contain additional features which are not included here, while some features mentioned here may not be available for every model or region.

By Nuno Cristovao

Tesla presents the

The long-talked-about “cloud profiles” are finally coming in Tesla’s 2022.24 update.

Tesla officially calls the feature “Tesla Profiles”. With this latest update, you will have the ability to link your driver profile to your Tesla Account.

If you choose to connect your profile to your Tesla Account, certain vehicle settings may travel with you from Tesla to Tesla.

Settings such as mirror, seat and wheel positions will be synchronized across other supported vehicles. So if you’re lucky enough to have multiple Teslas in your household and adjust your seat in one vehicle, the adjustment will automatically sync to the other vehicle.

Once your Tesla Account is linked to a car profile, that car’s profile will automatically appear in all other Teslas in your account.

These vehicles can be leased or owned by you. As long as they appear in your Tesla app, your car profile will be available on that vehicle.

Syncing your car profile with multiple vehicles will be especially helpful when renting a Tesla. It will provide a consistent experience across all vehicles and save you from having to adjust preferences such as your seat, mirrors, music preferences, etc.

This may be important for some settings such as “Shutdown Mode”.

When you first get in the car you can expect it to behave like your very own Tesla and if the stop mode is set to something unexpected like body roll it could lead to confusion.

If you’re leasing a Tesla or using one as a loaner, it’ll feel almost magical to be able to walk into it and have it automatically adapt to you.

Tesla Profiles will go beyond just seat adjustments. It will also include certain vehicle settings, such as autopilot, driving preferences, and climate settings.

According to Tesla’s release notes, navigation, media and data sharing preferences will also be linked to your Tesla Account and synced with other vehicles.

Synced settings will also include navigation favorites and recent destinations.

You’ll be able to distinguish whether you’re using a cloud profile or a local profile in your vehicle because Tesla Profiles will now include your profile picture from your Tesla app instead of the person’s standard body shape. Your profile photo will appear next to your driver’s profile name.

Tesla’s release notes for this feature state:

Keep your settings and preferences in sync across all supported vehicles using your Tesla Account, including:

  • Mirror, seat and steering wheel adjustments
  • Autopilot, driving and climate preferences
  • Browsing, media and data sharing preferences

You can set up your Tesla Profile from Driver Profile Settings and change your profile picture from the Tesla Mobile app.

This feature has been in the works for some time, with Elon first mentioning that Tesla would be moving information and settings to the cloud in August 2017.

Tesla’s 2022.24 update also includes improvements to the Blind Spot Camera feature.