Volkswagen’s software update for ID electric vehicles improves charging and driver assistance technology

Volkswagen on Tuesday announced a software update for its ID models that will improve charging, driver assistance technology and other features of electric cars.

ID doubled. Software 3.0, the update will now be installed in new vehicles, and an over-the-air update will be rolled out free of charge to owners of existing vehicles in the second quarter of the year, VW said in a press release. . However, the automaker has not discussed a specific timeline for a US market rollout.

Among the new features is an updated version of Travel Assist, which currently provides automated lane centering and can control acceleration and deceleration to maintain a set speed and following distance.

Volkswagen Travel Assist with automated lane change Swarm Data

Called Travel Assist with Swarm Data, the new version can use anonymized data from other vehicles (“swarm data”) to allow the system to work in more places, including where there are only only one clear lane marking. It also includes automated lane changes.

The software update also adds Park Assist Plus, which can control steering, throttle and brakes when maneuvering in parking spaces. A memory function allows the car to “remember” up to five different parking maneuvers.

Moving on to charging, the thermal management improvements also allow models with the 77kWh battery (not currently available in the US) to perform DC fast charging at a maximum of 135kW, up from 125kW. previously. A new battery care mode also allows owners to limit the state of charge to 80%.

Updates to the Volkswagen Head-Up Display with ID.  Software 3.0

Updates to the Volkswagen Head-Up Display with ID. Software 3.0

To help ensure drivers are actually going to a charging station, a dynamic route planner can recommend charging stops based on charger output. So the system can, for example, suggest two short charging stops with high power rather than a longer stop at a low power station.

Other updates include improvements to the voice recognition system for better performance and changes to the optional augmented reality heads-up display, allowing it to show things like roundabouts and distance to to a destination.

VW now sees itself as a provider of software as well as cars. In December 2021, the automaker announced a €30 billion investment in software development, covering both software as a service and self-driving cars. At the time, VW estimated that a third of its global mobility-related revenue would come from software services by 2030.