Volkswagen releases software update for ID. models

A new software update has been announced for the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 models, including new driver assistance features, improvements in battery charging capacity and function upgrades voice command.

New models that have been ordered by UK customers will have this ‘Generation 3.0’ update already installed when the car arrives, while customers who have already received their ID.3 or ID.4 model will receive these improvements as an over-the-air update that the car automatically uploads in spring 2022.

Starting with the battery-related changes, the range-beating 77kWh can now recharge at a fast rate – currently this battery size is only available on ID.4 models. These select ID.4 models can now charge at a maximum of 135kW, instead of the previous 125kW maximum. To benefit from this update, however, you will need a sufficiently powerful DC charging station.

All IDs. models do however benefit from a new ‘Battery Care’ charging mode, which when selected attempts to extend battery life by preventing the battery from charging past 80% capacity . In addition, a symbol indicating the remaining battery charge is now a permanent feature on the driver display.

Volkswagen has also improved the voice command function already present in ID. templates – a feature that received a lot of criticism when ID.3 launched. Volkswagen claims that after the 3.0 update, your ID.3 or ID.4 will recognize and understand your voice faster when you give it a command.

Activated either by using a touch button on the steering wheel or by saying “Hello ID”, the brand claims that this voice command software can now, on average, understand around 95% of the requests it receives.

Finally, the 3.0 update introduces a number of new driver assistance features for ID. models, including what Volkswagen calls “Travel Assist with Swarm Data”. Using radar and ultrasonic technology, this system precisely keeps the car in the center of a freeway lane and can change lanes at high speed on its own when prompted.

With the cruise control function activated, all you have to do is indicate and the car will change lanes, once the car’s computer judges that the maneuver is safe. The driver can take control of the steering at any time.

This new update also includes “Park Assist Plus with memory function” – software capable of performing basic parking maneuvers on its own and learning more complex ones which it can reproduce on its own once you gave him some examples.

For ID. customers who upgraded to the augmented reality head-up display, which projects important driving information onto the windshield, will also find new head-up display changes after the update, including a new screen that works in tandem with the “Travel Assist” to indicate an upcoming lane change, a new symbol to indicate an upcoming roundabout and a new graphic displaying the distance to the destination set in the sat nav.

Update 3.0 will be rolled out to all new IDs. models, including the SUV-coupe ID.5 which is now available to order. The ID.3 and ID.4 have been very positively received since their arrival in the UK – both seen as leading examples of the new wave of electric cars hitting our roads.

The Volkswagen ID.3 currently holds a Expert rating of 76%while the larger ID.4 contains a Expert rating of 70% in our Expert Rating Index.