Virtual License Manager (VLM) by OpenLM to simplify and automate the software licensing process

Oren Gabay Co-founder and CEO
Virtual License Manager Conceptual Diagram 1

Virtual License Manager Conceptual Diagram 1

virtual license manager - dynamic allocation of software licenses in real time

virtual license manager – dynamic allocation of software licenses in real time

The new generation of OpenLM Virtual License Manager (VLM) products (aka Virtualization License Manager), available on OpenLM Cloud Portal uses virtualization as a technology

Virtual License Manager (aka VLM/Virtualization License Manager) creates a virtual view of physical software assets. Enables better allocation of software licenses to organizational departments in real time. »

— Oren Gabay, co-founder and CEO, OpenLM

ISRAEL, Sept. 14, 2022 / — OpenLM (, the Israel-based specialist software licensing and engineering services provider has always been known for its unparalleled products and services. OpenLM is one of the world’s leading software license management providers and has been recognized by many organizations – Gartner, Capterra, TrustRadius, Software Suggest, SoftwareAdvice, GoodFirms. OpenLM was a finalist for the 2022 awards at the NA Customer Centricity Awards (

Known for its customer focus, customers buy and recommend OpenLM primarily for the value it provides, such as
– the usefulness of the product,
– product innovation
– simplicity
– reduce IT licensing costs for customer organizations
– Value for money
– Excellent after-sales service
– Robust pre-built reporting modules to help customers make decisions on the go and give them rich fact-based insights, visibility into all software license allocations, consumption and usage across the organization

OpenLM has been at the forefront of innovations. Started with a simplified architecture (, flexible/transparent pricing (pay as you go) (link: pr_news/574281385 /openlm-announces-new-pricing-plans-for-software-license-management-solutions-on-premise-cloud), revising the entire new cloud portal and now the next-generation product, Virtual License Manager was made available to their as well as new customers. The key technology concept behind VLM is “virtualization”. This is available on OpenLM’s brand new cloud portal.

The manual software licensing process is very error-prone and causes overwriting issues. In addition, the availability of licenses also becomes a bottleneck. With all of this in mind, OpenLM came up with a single solution that would eliminate all of these challenges and automate the entire licensing system.

Virtual License Manager by OpenLM ( is a service that allows IT managers to allocate and manage all their software licenses intelligently and dynamically . Simply put, VLM converts all your static licenses into dynamic licenses which can be consumed as needed. VLM helps IT administrators allocate software licenses more efficiently without creating overwrite or denial issues.

VLM sits above the physical layer of the license manager and creates license packages that can be assigned to different teams as needed. For example, if one of the teams in an organization needs more licenses, the system looks for inactive license packages in the virtual layer and assigns the required number of licenses to the relevant team.

This will automate the whole licensing process while using free or inactive licenses. Thus, VLM also helps organizations stay compliant while converting all their static licenses to dynamic licenses. VLM truly virtualizes license servers locally, globally based on organizational requirements.

Organizations around the world are already using VLM to optimize their software licensing process. Now it’s your turn! Log in to OpenLM for a 30-day free trial to see VLM in action today. Product price is $1/license/month.

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OpenLM is a global leader in software license management solutions for engineering and specialty software applications. Founded in 2007, it has a global base of around 1000+ clients, most of whom belong to the “Fortune 1000” club. OpenLM has been recognized by market leaders like Gartner, G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, Cuspera and others. Currently, OpenLM operates in Israel, USA, Canada, Japan, France, Moldova and India across all continents of North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, including emerging countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Thailand. , and others.
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