Tesla Software Update Causes Problems, Promotes Recall | Editorial

IIt is not uncommon these days to drive on the freeway and see someone in a Tesla reading a book or playing a game on their phone in the driver’s seat as their car starts up, without human assistance. .

While the rest of us keep our focus on the roaIn front of us, those who indulge in these types of distractions let their cars drive for them.

However, Tesla has recently come under fire for issues with its Full Self-Driving software, which has resulted in the recall of nearly 12,000 vehicles.

Now is not the best time for Tesla to recall, given the Washington post recently published a scathing report, describing the issues with the software. Additionally, it could also mark a turning point in an already strained relationship with government regulators and the automaker.

A formal investigation into driver assistance software was initiated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in August. In October, a letter was written to Tesla regarding concerns about the autonomous driving features that were being tested. on public roads. A warning was also issued to Tesla by the NHTSA, saying that they must accompany any software changes with appropriate reminders.

Tesla owners began to notice changes being made to the autonomous driving features of their cars. For example, an owner’s emergency braking and forward collision warning features were disabled after the last update.

“Dear Elon Musk, as you cross the streams,” one owner tweeted on October 24. “I haven’t changed this brah. It’s not ok without any communication. Communication is not difficult. I am doing it now.”

Others, meanwhile, have noticed false collision warnings and some owners have reported that their vehicles have swerved to pedestrians.

Automation is the wave of the future, we’re told, but when it comes to road safety, Tesla needs to do a better job alerting vehicle owners that something might be wrong. On the other hand, allowing vehicles to drive for us might not be such a good idea either. While artificial intelligence can be handy, some of us prefer to rely on ourselves for security, not a machine.