Tesla Software Update 2022.12.1 Enables Bottom Bar Icon Customization, Browser Update, and More (release notes)


Tesla software update version 2022.12.1 has just started rolling out with one of the most wanted features for Tesla owners. This update allows a Tesla owner to customize the bottom bar icons to their liking.

The Custom Bottom Bar Icons feature in the 2022.12.1 update is limited to Tesla vehicles with horizontal screens (Model 3/Y all generations, Model S/X from year 2021). Owners of vertical-screen Model S/Xs will have to wait for a separate update, otherwise this feature may not roll out to them at all.

This update also includes more features such as additional Tesla mobile app controls, child lock improvements, and an updated in-car web browser (see release notes below).

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Tesla Software Version 2022.12.1 Release Notes

Additional bottom bar customization

UI improvements

You can now add vehicle controls such as defrost, windshield wipers, and heated seats to the bottom bar. Long-press any app icon to enter edit mode, then drag the desired control to the bottom bar.

Screenshot of Tesla software update 2022.12.1 release notes for additional bottom bar customization feature. Credit: Mahendra Reddy/Twitter.
Screenshot of a custom bottom bar on a Tesla Horizontal Center Touchscreen after software update 2022.12.1. Credit: Mahendra Reddy/Twitter.

Additional mobile app controls

Mobile app improvements

Dog Mode and Camp Mode can now be activated from the Tesla app.
Note: This feature requires mobile app version 4.7.0.

Screenshot of Tesla Software Release Notes 2022.12.1 for Mobile Apps Additional Controls feature. Credit: Mahendra Reddy/Twitter.

Child lock

Various improvements

Child lock can now be activated for only one rear door. Faucet Controls > Parental Lock, then select Right, Left, or Both.

Browser update

Tesla hacker green and other Tesla owners have discovered that firmware update 2022.12.1 also has a browser update which is not mentioned in the release notes. According to Green, this update has tightened privacy loopholes. Users can also clear browsing data now.

Improved charging time estimation

Interestingly, Tesla included the battery temperature variable when calculating charging time. This results in a more accurate estimate of the time remaining to charge the battery on a Tesla Supercharger or third-party fast charger.

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