Tesla releases new software update with cloud-based driver profiles and a bunch of goodies

Tesla has started rolling out a new software update to its fleet with several new features, including the promised cloud-based driver profiles and a bunch of goodies to make your Tesla experience a little better.

This week, Tesla rolled out the broader version of its latest software update (2022.24) up to 2022.24.5.

The update comes with new features and previously released features that now apply to more vehicles in Tesla’s fleet which now numbers over 3 million cars.

One of the biggest new features is the introduction of “Tesla Profiles” – the cloud profile integration promised by Elon Musk last year.

This feature aims to make it easier to maintain your preferred driver settings across multiple vehicles, including when renting a Tesla vehicle, which is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the recent deal with Hertz.

Tesla describes the new “Tesla Profiles” in the 2022.24.5 release notes (via Not a Tesla app):

Keep your settings and preferences in sync across all supported vehicles using your Tesla Account, including:

– Adjustments of mirrors, seats and steering wheel

– Autopilot, driving and climate preferences

– Browsing, media and data sharing preferences

You can set up your Tesla Profile from Driver Profile Settings and change your profile picture from the Tesla Mobile app.

The software update also provides the ability to reposition the blind spot camera feed to different positions on the screen for more vehicles.

Here’s what Tesla writes about the feature in the release notes:

Adjust the placement of your blind spot camera on your screen by dragging the camera feed. The camera feed will appear in the same position when your turn signal is active. To turn it on, tap Controls > Autopilot > Auto Blind Spot Camera.

For owners with premium connectivity, Tesla is also slightly updating the way it displays slower traffic conditions along your navigation route by now integrating the different colors with the route line on the map instead. than along it.

In the update, Tesla also adds the ability to turn off Sentry Mode sounds:

To avoid disturbing the neighbours, you can now turn off the sounds made by sentry mode. Mobile app notifications will still be sent. To enable this setting on the touchscreen, tap Controls > Security > Sentry Mode > Mute Sentry Sounds.

The new update also brings to more vehicles the new driving behavior which includes the automatic application of regular brakes when regeneration is limited. It’s something Tesla started rolling out earlier this year, but it’s continuing to roll it out to more vehicles through new updates.

The new 2022.24.5 also includes a few small changes that aren’t documented in the release notes, like the ability to uninstall video games on the Tesla computer to free up space for others and timestamps on credit statements. tire pressure.

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