Tesla Releases Holiday 2021 Software Update, Adds Features Like Auto Blind Spot Camera, TikTok

Tesla has been making holiday software updates for its vehicle software for some time now, and the noise on the streets (according to an article posted on Reddit on Monday) is that the 2021 edition is already being distributed to customers. So what’s in the update? There is a little quality of life improvements and some of the usual Tesla nonsense, as you might expect.

We’ll start with the good stuff first. Tesla’s on-board user interface has a customizable app launcher. This allows you to drag and drop your favorite apps to the bottom of the UI for easy access. Then comes a simplification of the most used controls on the screen. This gives you a bigger icon set for things like wipers, navigation, and media, so you don’t have to type as much while driving.

Our favorite change is the automatic blind spot camera. This shows a camera feed from your blind spot when you activate a turn signal. This feature has been around for some time on top of the line Kias, Hyundai and Genesis models and it is very useful. Tesla will also now allow you to easily rearrange your waypoints in navigation or add more waypoints along a route, and it will automatically calculate arrival times. Useful for food delivery drivers, for example.

The list of new or changed Tesla features is quite long, in fact.

Rob Maurer (@teslapodcast) via Twitter

Another potentially interesting feature is a preconditioning mode for the cabin, allowing you to cool or heat the cabin of your Tesla before entering, as well as automatically regulating the heated seats which change the temperature according to the temperature settings. from your cabin. Finally, there’s a new dark mode for the vehicle UI which is pretty cool, if not exactly a game changer.

As for the less serious and clunky stuff, Tesla has added TikTok to vehicle apps so you can watch TikToks while you’re parked. It also added a light show feature that will flash various lights around the vehicle to the beat of the music. There are also a few additions to the Tesla Arcade, including the addition of Sonic the hedgehog to its Arcade service, as well as to Sudoku and multiplayer support for The Battle of Polytopia.

The update should roll out to your Tesla anytime now, and we’re curious about what you think about the new and changed features. Let us know in the comments!

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