Telestream Releases PRISM Waveform Monitor Software Update

Telestreamthe Nevada-based company known for its broadcast media workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring, and test and measurement products for video production and distribution, has released his latest addition to the PRISM family of hybrid IP/SDI waveform monitors.

Version 3.3 adds significant new video format support for post-production applications beyond broadcast TV, faster switching of IP inputs, support for Dolby ED2 metadata, and more to a already extensive collection of IP and SDI measurement tools, which the company boasts.

Designed for use in video engineering, operations, live ingest, event production, and post-production, PRISM provides faster switching of IP inputs, at approximately ½ second, shading operators camera operators can make comparisons quickly and efficiently, whether they are working in an IP, SDI or hybrid installation.

Version 3.3 now supports DCI 4K post-production resolutions up to 4096×2160 and frame rates of 23.98 at 60p for everything from cinematic to broadcast workflows.

The latest version also offers Dolby ED2 metadata decoding which is used for Dolby Atmos and guardband measurement for comprehensive audio monitoring.

Telestream notes that PRISM is a family of software-defined instruments. “This unique capability allows users to add new features and capabilities with a simple software upgrade,” the company explains. “In general, no special hardware is needed to enable new features, allowing PRISM units to be easily updated in the field.”

TV industry executives may be particularly interested in the updates, according to a company spokesperson, as the waveform monitor and vectorscope are widely used as test equipment by TV engineers. broadcast to ensure that a quality signal gets from point A to point B.

Additionally, new PRISM waveform monitors support new HDR formats for better color and dynamic range to ensure stations can maximize format usage when upgrading their signals for ATSC 3.0 and 4K HDR. And, when it comes to IP video, the audio also goes over the network cable, so these new devices also check that the audio, whether it’s Dolby E (stereo or surround), etc. is correctly laid out and present in the stream.

New additional features:

  • AV Delay measurement for SDI, ST2022-6 and ST2110-20/30/31 using AV Delay test signal from Telestream Sync Pulse Generator products.
  • Safe Zone Display with AFD Crosshairs allows users to ensure that text, graphics and important information such as weather, headlines and school closing ramps are visible on consumer screens, regardless of aspect ratio and production aperture size.
  • Colorized RGB waveform/stop display for easy use and quick operation.
  • A larger floating timecode display allows the timecode to be easily seen regardless of the tile configuration.