Sonos pledges to fix choppy surround sound caused by software update 14.6

Some Sonos owners have been through a torrid time recently. Following software update 14.6 which fell at the end of Aprilpeople using the speakers as part of a surround sound multimedia setup have claimed choppy, out of sync, and unreliable sound.

It was reported by various users and seems to have an impact on people who watch TV, movies or play games – with those who just listen to music having no impact.

According a range of reports, this sound dropout issue occurs when users’ speakers are configured to take advantage of the hardware’s surround sound capabilities. Problems regularly start when switching between sources (eg game consoles and TV).

Some have corrected this by restarting Sonos devices – but the audio problems start again when switching to another source.

Over the past few years, Sonos has moved beyond just being a wireless music provider, instead focusing on delivering the full audio experience. This led to the company releasing the Arc soundbar (a Dolby Atmos speaker for home theaters), alongside older products like its subwoofer (shockingly named the Sub).

In fact, the company now bundles these (alongside two One SL speakers) into its home theater package – and it’s the technology behind this surround-sound setup that’s problematic for many users.

Luckily it was eventually done by a Sonos rep on the business forum:

The text above reads: “Just so you all know, we have now identified an issue where some Sonos Home Theater Satellites will experience audio dropouts after the latest 14.6 update. We are investigating the situation and hope to resolve it quickly. At this time, we have no further information to share.

For users impacted by this problem in recent weeks, this is obviously a godsend. Setting up a wireless audio system is always fraught with pitfalls and personally has sent me through my network setups more times than I can count.

Knowing about this issue with surround sound comes from Sonos software update 14.6 is meant to ease many user concerns. Well, at least it will when they have more information on when the issue will be fixed.

We’ve reached out to Sonos for further comment on the above, including an explanation of the specifics of the issue and when it plans to roll out a fix, and will update the article when we have that information.

Until then…good luck, folks.