SEH Technology Unveils Full IPv6 Support in Major Software Update

PHOENIXVILLE, PA – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – SEH technology, the specialist in professional networking solutions, today announces a major software update for its utnserver Pro, dongleserver Pro and dongleserver ProMAX. First shown at it-sa Expo in Nuremberg from October 12-14, 2021, the free update will be available to all utnserver Pro, dongleserver Pro, dongleserver ProMAX customers.

With the update, SEH solutions operate in pure IPv6 environments, allowing UTN to handle IPv6 addresses. This feature helps harden dongle servers in core environments, such as ISPs. In addition, the dongle servers can act as an interface in the public cloud. In addition, the VLAN and its management are now fully IPv6 compliant with simplified configuration for all IT administrators.

More visibility and control

Prior to the update, SEH users could rename USB ports; however, now they can assign an extended description to each port, which is displayed in the UTN manager. This enhancement gives users greater visibility over the use of identical dongles stored centrally on the UTN server and automatically displayed on the UTN manager. Not only does this simplify administration, but it also ensures streamlined training for users.

In addition, the new version includes the ability to create administrative groups with special permissions. UTN servers now have three role-based user accounts that accept credentials from higher level administrators and specific USB tasks that can be delegated to lower level users:

  • Administrator accounts have full access to the utnserver control center, including the ability to view and administer all aspects of the product.

  • User accounts have restricted access to the Control Center and can only view the “START” page with basic status information rather than making system changes.

  • USB Manager Accounts are new configurable options that can be applied to the USB specific system. Administrators or project managers responsible for the USB environment can see the “START” page, monitor users and access the USB subpage from an administrator and configuration perspective.

Additional software update features

The software update also includes enhancements to the SEH Product Manager, allowing users to export or import device lists. Now untservers can be preconfigured in SEH Product Manager across the network without the need for an initial search and manual selection. Users will also benefit from an additional column explicitly for SEH’s printsever, including printer model, printer counter, and printer firmware display.

“In order to meet customer demands and stand the test of time, our new software update offers our valued utnserver Pro, dongleserver Pro and dongleserver ProMAX customers the benefits of full IPv6 support with improvements to VLAN optimization, user group UTN manager and port description field, ”concludes Jörg Hecke, Product Marketing Manager at SEH Technology.

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About SEH technology

SEH specializes in professional network solutions. The main activities of the company are network printing and the use of USB devices through the network. 30 years of experience are synonymous with a portfolio of innovative and versatile products as well as tailor-made solutions that meet individual needs. All products are developed and manufactured at the company headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany. The American and British subsidiaries as well as an extensive network of partners, distributors and resellers allow worldwide distribution. SEH’s clients are companies, groups of companies, public authorities and institutions from various sectors.

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