Samsung software update change logs are so useless!

No one can deny the fact that apart from Apple, only Samsung manages to keep its mobile devices up to date. In fact, Samsung can even be considered the best in this field considering the number of devices it releases, even though the maximum number of operating system updates its devices can currently receive is four.

Along with big upgrades to the Android OS and One UI, Samsung also releases monthly updates for a whole host of Galaxy phones and tablets, both to bring new security patches on a regular basis and, in the case of recently released devices like the Galaxy S22 series, stuff like bug fixes and stability improvements.

But whereas big OS and One-User Interface upgrades come with detailed changelogs telling you exactly what has changed, regular monthly updates come with changelogs that don’t. contain virtually no useful information. And while that’s usually not a problem, it does become one when updates that don’t increase the OS version exceed 1GB and Samsung doesn’t tell you anything interesting in the changelog .

At least that’s the case outside of South Korea and China. These are two markets where Samsung, either due to government pressure or some other reason, gives you a detailed explanation of everything that is fixed, improved or added to the existing software experience.

Updates larger than 1.5 GB that only improve stability? Oh good?

In the rest of the world ? Well, if you live outside of Korea or China, you probably know exactly what those changelogs are telling you (the answer, usually, is nothing).

Take the June update for the Galaxy S22 series, for example. The Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra received updates over 1.5GB in size in June, and all Samsung had to tell us about them is that they improve stability overall functions.

Such download sizes are expected with new major OS updates, but Samsung released very big monthly updates for the Galaxy S22 lineup, and each time we barely received proper information. on the changes.

In the case of the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra, Samsung is likely fixing the myriad of bugs that continue to plague many users’ experience, but again, the fact is that Samsung is doing a miserable job of communicating what these updates include in most parts of the world.

Yes, regular customers don’t care exactly what’s new in each new update, and many don’t even want regular updates, especially if big changes are included. But that doesn’t mean those mysteriously short changelogs are a good idea.

I really hope that Samsung will do something about this in the future because many of their fans want to know what new updates bring directly in the update changelog rather than through posts from community and likes you may never see.

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