Ray-Ban’s smart glasses can now make calls after software update


Ray-Ban Stories users will soon be able to make calls to friends and family with the smart glasses after the release of a new software update.

The update allows users to message or call contacts using WhatsApp, performing voice commands such as “hey Facebook, send a message to Kate” or “hey Facebook, call Joe “.

First released in September 2021, Ray-Ban Stories features dual cameras and a microphone, allowing users to capture their daily experiences and post them to Facebook.

The smart glasses have been produced in partnership with social media giant Meta and retail for £299.

In a Facebook post with a photo of himself wearing glasses, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg said: “Launching more hands-free features for Ray-Ban Stories today. Now you can make calls, listen messages and send end-to-end encrypted messages with WhatsApp.

“Soon you will also be able to respond directly to Messenger or WhatsApp messages with voice commands.”

The initial launch of the product raised concerns about the invasion of privacy and data protection with regard to the images and sound captured by the devices.

Meta says that messages and calls will be secured with end-to-end encryption, and that voice transcripts and audio recordings of voice commands related to calls or WhatsApp messaging will not be stored on any server.