PS5 System Software Update Today | Full patch notes for 21.02-04.50.00

If you’re one of the lucky ones who were able to overcome the PS5’s stock issues and secure a console, you’ll likely find that you’ll be prompted to install an update today.

Update 02.21-04.50.00 is here and while an update is always a good thing – we love it when things get fixed – it’s not something to be too excited about because although this will lead to improvements, there isn’t much to discuss the new things that will be included when you download it.

So for everything we know about the PlayStation 5 update 02.21-04.50.00, here’s the information!

What’s new with the PS5 update 02.21-04.50.00?

Not much, as the patch notes are only one sentence long at the moment: This system software update improves system performance.

We said there wasn’t much to tell you! As for the aspects of system performance that have been improved, Sony did not go into details. We hope this will be the case soon so that we can update this page with all the tech talk we all love, but for now just know that whatever the update is, it probably has improved something!

This will likely be the last update for 2021 now, so will they have anything special planned for the first PS5 update 2022?

Speaking of updates to the new Sony console, it has been confirmed that BBC iPlayer is coming to PlayStation 5 which the BBC has said is “thrilled”.

BBC iPlayer Product Manager Neil Hall said of the long awaited addition of the PS5: “We are still working to make iPlayer available on as many platforms as possible, and we are delighted to add the PS5 to The Over 15,000 devices on which BBC iPlayer is already available. “

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