PS5 system software update 02/21-04.03 today (October 20)

A brand new system software update was rolled out to all PS5 consoles earlier today (October 20) and comes with additional stability improvements for next-gen hardware.

Sony’s lucrative PS5 is always hard to find, but if you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on the almost year-old console, you’ve got a new update to install the next time you log on.

Unlike the massive system update that rolled out in September, fans won’t notice any new features or changes in today’s update. Check out the full patch notes and details of the October 20 PS5 system software update here in this article.

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DEATH BUCKLE | Official awards trailer



DEATH BUCKLE | Official awards trailer





What is today’s PS5 update for?

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t much to get excited about regarding today’s new PS5 update.

Sony has yet to comment on the update, but the official console patch notes say it’s just about improving system performance. Gamers probably won’t notice an improvement in speed or something similar after the update, unless Sony has implemented something significant that hasn’t been announced yet.

For now, players can check out the patch notes below and be sure to stay tuned as we’ll update this article with more details if they arrive.

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System patch size

Today’s all-new system software update for the PS5 comes in the usual patch size of 913.5 MB. More often than not, when Sony releases minor updates to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, users can probably expect them to be around 900MB.

PS5 system software update notes (October 20)

Unfortunately, it is currently unclear if there is anything more specific to today’s PS5 update (October 20), as Sony has yet to release detailed patch notes. . But that being said, the information given on the actual console indicates that it simply improves the performance of the system. Check out the full PS5 patch notes below:

For the best PlayStation experience, make sure your PS5 system software is always updated to the latest version. To learn more, see the online user guide from (Settings) on your PS5.

Main features of this system software update

  • This system software update improves system performance

For more details on this update, please see

Version: 21.02-04.03.00

Please note: We’ll make sure this article is updated with more information if Sony releases more details about the latest PS5 update.

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