PS5 system software update 02/21-04.02 today (October 7th)

A brand new PS5 system software update rolled out earlier today (October 7) and is available for download now.

Fans are eager to find out what’s included in the latest firmware update and if they’ll find any notable changes to the console, similar to the previous update released in September.

Check out the full patch notes and details of the October 7 PS5 system software update here in this article.

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What’s up?

Unfortunately, today’s PS5 update is a bit lackluster as the patch notes say it’s just about improving system performance.

However, it wasn’t until last month that Sony rolled out a pretty big system update that not only allowed gamers to finally install a new SSD expansion, but also included Control Center updates, too. game library, game version indicators and more.

Fans are hopeful that similar updates arrive in the future, but for today’s update there is unfortunately nothing exciting to report. Check out the download size and patch notes below.

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Download size

The next time gamers log into their PS5 console, they will be prompted to download and install the latest system software patch. This download will be a total of 913.7 MB.

PS5 system software update notes

At the time of writing, Sony has not released any detailed patch notes for the latest PS5 update on October 7. However, according to the information provided on the console, today’s update simply improves system performance. Check out the full PS5 patch notes below:

For the best PlayStation experience, make sure your PS5 system software is always updated to the latest version. To learn more, see the online user guide from (Settings) on your PS5.

Main features of this system software update

  • This system software update improves system performance

For more details on this update, please see

Version: 21.02-04.02.00

Please note: This article will be updated as soon as Sony provides more specific details on the latest PS5 update.

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