PS4 System Software Update 9.0 Apparently Fixes CMOS Issue

Last week, the PlayStation 4 received its latest system software update. First reported by Destruction Games on Twitter, the update apparently fixed the CMOS issue that was preventing PS4 console owners from playing discs and digital games if the internal clock battery was dead. Several people have now been able to play disc and digital games on PS4 consoles with a dead battery since installing the update.

The problem started when gamers discovered that if the console’s internal clock battery died, it prevented them from playing both digital and disc-based games offline due to the configuration of the trophy system. As long as players could connect to the PlayStation Network, that wouldn’t be a problem, but if Sony were to ever shut down servers for PS4, the console would eventually stop playing games altogether. This would also affect PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 5 consoles to a lesser extent. Sony had promised to work on a solution to the problem and it seems that system software version 9.0 has solved the problem with some caveats.

Destruction Games reported that disc-based games can now be played without crashing on startup. He could also win trophies, although these did not have a date or timestamp, but a blank space where these would be displayed. He also claimed that other people had tested the system with digital games and those had worked as well, although it was something he had not tested himself. @Does it play1the folks who first brought the issue to light, also said they would perform further testing to verify that the issue has been resolved.

The latest software update also introduced the ability for players to view their PS5 trophy lists on a PS4 console as well as those of their friends. A change to the Party feature also allows owners to disband the party without having to remove all players first. Sony has yet to say if the update actually fixed the CMOS bug, but if we hear anything official we’ll be sure to let you know.

[Source: Twitter]