Popular Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Adopts New Software License As Company Seeks Business Opportunities


MetaMask, the popular Ethereum wallet service, has migrated its open source code under a new limited license, the company said on Friday.

In one blog post, MetaMask explained that “despite open source software solving critical shared problems, fair compensation for the maintenance of these community assets remains an issue.” The code for MetaMask was originally released under a permissive MIT license, which allows developers to fork and reuse with very limited restrictions. Its new license, however, seeks to prevent commercial entities – those with more than 10,000 monthly active users – from using its software for free.

According to MetaMask, the license protects it from “free riders or upstream competitors to exercise monopoly control.”

While the blog post does not specifically name these free riders or competitors, Jacob Cantele, Product Manager at MetaMask, cited Brave crypto-enabled browser and wallet, for example.

“We need to be able to compete with browsers that fork MetaMask, push their own forks, while still making MetaMask difficult to use (even when explicitly installed),” Cantele explained in a tweet.

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