OPPO ColorOS 12 Beta Comes With New Software Update Promises

The Android landscape has definitely changed significantly over the past few years. Huawei is no longer in the Top Five, and the likes of Xiaomi and OPPO have risen through the ranks more than ever. Software updates have also become a big deal for manufacturers who are now fighting to prove that they are part of this growing trend. In light of this, OPPO is one of the first to announce the global version of its upcoming ColorOS 12 and is publicly more committed to supporting its myriad of phones.

In the past, brands belonging to the “Chinese” category were widely seen as bad apples when it came to Android software and updates. They offered heavily modified experiences, often criticized for copying Apple, that resulted in slow, if any, security fixes and major upgrades. That, however, seems like the distant past now, and companies like OPPO have worked hard to change that perception and deliver a cleaner Android experience with timely updates.

The company has been working for several months on ColorOS 12 based on Android 12. Its announcement today brings the beta test program to global markets. In particular, it is rolling out the update to its flagship OPPO Find X3 Pro in Indonesia and Malaysia to begin with.

OPPO did not explain in detail how the global version of ColorOS 12 will differ from the Chinese version it revealed last month. Of course, the focus will be on personalization and personalization, as well as exclusive features like FlexDrop. The company is hosting an online press event on October 11 at 09:00 GMT (05:00 Eastern Time) for more information. You can check out the YouTube video below when it goes live.

Just as important as the ColorOS 12 announcement is OPPO’s new software update policy that will see the Find X series receive three major Android updates along with the already promised four years of security updates. The OPPO Reno, F and K series will get two major Android updates, while the OPPO A line will receive one. Some might find that commitment is still lacking, but OPPO has at least been honest about the challenges of improving its processes. If it manages to deliver on its promises, it would be another big step for the company as it continues to push its brand into international markets.