Next Apple Software Update Will Stop iPhone 13 Screen Swap Block

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Apple will soon release a software update that will make it easier for iPhone 13 models to replace their screens at third-party repair shops.

Currently, third-party screen repairs will discontinue Face ID functionality on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models. This is because of a small chip that associates the screen with the device.

The company said The edge Wednesday that a software update is underway, which will facilitate third-party display exchanges.

As iFixit repair specialists detailed, screen repairs are now complicated because the aforementioned chip serializes a screen on an iPhone. For this reason, swapping out a screen requires technicians to remove the chip and solder it onto a new screen – a complicated and expensive procedure.

Apple’s next update will remove serialization, although details on how are scarce. Presumably, however, the fix will allow independent repair shops and consumers to swap out a screen without Face ID breaking.

The serialization chip has sparked controversy in the repair community, as screen swaps are among the most common repairs performed on devices. It is not clear whether the anti-repair behavior was intentional, as a source within Apple said it will be “fixed” at a later date.

It’s unclear when the software update will arrive, but it will likely be an interim version for iOS 15.