New system software update coming soon for Polymega:

Good news for all those who have managed to have a Polymega system delivered! According to Polymega themselves, System Software Update 1.1.20 will be released next week! The update will include audio CD player functionality, more support for SFC/SNES games, advanced database filtering tools, power saving mode and recovery mode. Additionally, you can check out the announcement tweet below.

What is the new Polymega update feature?

The first massive addition to the Polymega with the update is Red Book audio CD support. The update will allow users to play the soundtrack of any supported game in the playback menu. Moreover, it will add track names and album cover if it is also connected to the internet. Custom game soundtracks will also be added to CD games that support the feature.

The second addition is more support for SFC/SNES games. The update will include support for OBC-1 and SPC7110 enhancement chips. As a result, it will allow Polymega owners to play Sufami Turbo games! games like Metal Fight: Falcon’s Revenge, Momotarou Dentetsu Happy, Super Power League 4and Tengai Makyou Zero are all supported. Additionally, Tokimeki Memorial and Tengai Makyou Zero will have their patches in English!

Finally, the new Polymega update will add power saving mode and recovery mode to the system. Want to save energy? You can set the console to dim after a period of time until controller input is detected. Do you have a system hang of any kind? No problem! Holding the CD eject button on the front of the console while booting the system will load a special screen that will allow you to reset your Polymega to factory settings.

There are many more intricate details and patch notes in the Polymega blog itself. But it looks like the new update will add a lot of new features and fixes for console owners! What do you think of the update and new features? Let us know in the comments below!

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