Modus VR offers the Modus Match partner program, a software update

VR mode, the developer of advanced virtual reality software for technology integrators, designers and architects, has created its Modus Match partner program to facilitate and accelerate the addition of products from leading partners in Modus VR software and projects.

At launch, 19 key AV companies have already joined the new program with dozens underway in the corporate and residential sectors. Many of these partners already have products in the Modus VR database and Modus Match will accelerate the addition of others, making project design even more comprehensive and exciting for integrators and their customers.

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Modus VR saves customers time by creating an immersive environment for real-time informed decision-making by all participants in the design process. The software allows customers to see and experience what they are going to get long before construction begins.

Among other things, users can position all AV technologies, preview monitor/camera viewing angles, rearrange furniture, and perform a full preview of their project in a VR environment or through convenient meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

The current list of Modus Match partners includes Acoustic Innovations, Artnovion, Avocor, AVTeq, Barco, Bose, Crestron, Focal Professional, Google Meet, Huddly, HP Enterprise,, Lenovo, Logitech, Origin Acoustics, Poly, Salamander Designs, Starke Sound and Vicoustic. Dozens more are in the process of joining, according to the company.

“We are thrilled to officially launch our new Modus Match Partner Program which enables real-time inclusion of products from top manufacturers into home and commercial space designs,” said Ken Brueck, Founder of Modus VR. “This program gives us a more curated approach to collaborating with partners and adding their cutting-edge technologies to our growing database and delivering even more comprehensive customer experiences. We are particularly pleased to include frequently requested manufacturers such as Crestron, Lenovo, Logitech and Salamander Designs in the program from the outset:

Along with the new partner program, Modus VR has also announced the imminent release of a major software update which will be available in the coming weeks. Improvements include a strong focus on new partner vendors and a new seating UI.

Salamander Designs’ Olivia seating collection is the first to fully realize the virtual implementation of the advanced configurability that includes chair-style chairs and corner units, allowing users to quickly create custom arrangements for a fast prototype.

“Projects that typically take months to design can be done in an hour with Modus VR,” Brueck added. “Now, with Modus Match and the addition of industry-leading brands, integrators can add these products quickly and easily with instant validation and complete confidence.”

Manufacturers interested in learning about the many benefits of the Modus Match Partner Program, including a Modus VR license, joint training, co-marketing and more, can email [email protected] or contact Patrick Higaki, Director Modus VR sales.

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