Meta rolls out the first Quest software update of the year | The report

Meta began rolling out the first software update of 2022 for Quest headsets to users today. V37 adds new productivity features which include the ability to use your Apple Magic Keyboard in VR, sharing links from your phone to your headset, a more responsive browser window and more.

Logitech’s K830 keyboard was introduced to Quest’s virtual space in v28, and the Apple Magic Keyboard has now been added to the list of supported devices under Experimental Features.

Meta will release the Tracked Keyboard SDK to developers next week as part of the Presence Platform.

Links, windows, action and exploration

Other changes with v37 include the ability for users to share a browser link between an Android phone and a headset via the Oculus app, both on the fly and via a “Record in VR” option when viewing. will later appear in the Saved section of your Explore page. iOS support will be added in the near future.

The headset’s built-in user interface has also been improved, with open windows in the home area that can now be arranged in tablet and desktop modes – i.e. single-screen or multi-tasking. Users can also now use a new hand-follow gesture for quick access to common actions in the quick action menu, such as screenshots and voice commands.

Finally, the Explore page you see when you fire up Quest has also been enhanced to serve as an activity hub. Users will see their friends’ activity, but also – of course – recommendations for new games, apps and media to buy, including Meta’s recent focus on fitness, of course.