Meta announces a host of new features with Meta Quest v40 software update

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May 16, 2022 – Meta today announced a host of new features with its latest Meta Quest v40 software update. Security and privacy are major themes in v40, with users now having the ability to lock specific apps behind an unlock pattern. The software update also brings support for 3D Secure payments in the headset and optional end-to-end encrypted Messenger calls. Meta also announced that it’s expanding keyboard tracking with a few new designs and adding a pair of audio-centric accessibility features to the Settings menu.

App unlock
In v31, Meta introduced the ability to lock a Meta Quest headset behind a template to prevent unauthorized use. However, this lock would simply grant access to the entire device, or nothing.

With App Unlock in v40, users will now have finer control over access and will be able to place specific games and apps behind an unlock pattern. Meta noted that it considers App Unlock an important security feature for all Meta Quest devices, and hopes the feature will prove to be a useful starting point for parents as the company begins to roll out more parental supervision tools in the coming months.

Once an app is locked, users will need to enter the chosen pattern each time they want to unlock and launch it.

Secure payments
Previously on Quest devices, 3D Secure (3DS) authorization, a protocol designed to be an additional layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions, could only occur in the Oculus mobile app. With v40, users will now be able to make payments with a 3DS compatible credit card in VR, including the 3DS authorization step (although developers will need to register to enable 3DS support for in-app purchases ). This means users can secure payments without having to remove their headphones.

A little over a year ago, Meta introduced for the first time the ability for the Quest 2 to track Logitech’s K830 keyboard via Bluetooth. Then in v37, the Apple Magic Keyboard was added. Today, Meta enables support for the Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, as well as Logitech K375 and Logitech MX keys. Meta has also added a new “Manage Saved Keyboards” section to Quest’s Settings menu, allowing users to track the keyboard models they’ve added to their headset and make adjustments.

Meta adds a new Mono Audio option (under the Accessibility tab) that allows users to hear the same sound from the left and right speakers on their headsets (or headphone jack) over the spatial audio effect by default. The v40 software update will also allow users to adjust the left and right audio channel balance. This feature may be useful for some users with hearing loss in one ear, as they can now adjust the balance to their preferred ear for better clarity.

Encrypted messaging
With v40, Meta is now testing optional end-to-end encryption for one-to-one Messenger messages and calls in VR. Encrypted messaging is something Meta uses across its family of apps and technologies, such as Messenger and WhatsApp, so its introduction to messaging and calling on the Quest platform is a welcome addition.

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