LicenseFortress Adds Specialized Legal Advisors To Its Software Licensing Compliance Solution

LicenseFortress, a provider of an Oracle software license compliance solution, has announced the addition of specialist legal counsel to its licensing and technology teams.

LicenseFortress is partnering with Beeman & Muchmore, LLP, a law firm providing software and licensing audit advice, to help clients stay in compliance with software licenses to avoid license violations and legal disputes with software vendors.

LicenseFortress says it chose the law firm because its founding partners Arthur S. Beeman and Joel T. Muchmore have extensive experience representing clients in disputes with leading software vendors.

“With Beeman & Muchmore, we continue to revolutionize the industry by integrating legal, licensing and technology expertise to deliver the only comprehensive Oracle license compliance solution,” said Michael Corey, co-founder of LicenseFortress and former president of the IOUG. .

Now included in the LicenseFortress Premier Membership, Beeman & Muchmore will provide legal advice on how companies can deploy their technology to best avoid license violations. The company’s partners are already working alongside the experts at LicenseFortress by reviewing and interpreting license agreements and advising on how customers’ hardware configurations and software deployment comply with or differ from their contractual obligations.

“It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a lawyer without years of experience with the recurring nature of these disputes to understand the myriad of issues involved and offer meaningful assistance,” Muchmore said. “We take all those years of experience, put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and ask ourselves, ‘What can we do to avoid litigation? Beeman added.

According to LicenseFortress, software compliance audits can easily cost businesses tens of millions of dollars. LicenseFortress aims to save customers money by optimizing licensing and eliminating audit responsibilities.

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