Launched the world’s greenest software framework for cloud development

The C programming language framework offers high performance and simplicity.

PHOENIX, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dasoftver LLC has released Vely, a free, open-source framework for rapidly developing high-performance software applications. Vely offers unparalleled C programming language performance, coding simplicity and improved security, reducing development and hardware costs. C is the greenest programming language and that means less computation, less power consumption and less emissions.

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Traditionally, C is used for system programming and where the highest possible performance is needed. Vely brings this performance to mainstream developers of general purpose applications, and in particular for web applications, which have traditionally been made with languages ​​like PHP.

“Software developers need the best performance and the smallest footprint to keep up with demand and to compensate for Moore’s Law slowdown. At the same time, simplicity in development is always desirable,” says the creator of Vely. Sergio Mijatovic, a former Oracle Core Group senior software engineer and DARPA Principal Investigator. “With more services moving to the cloud, it is important not only to keep the cost of developing these services low, but also to reduce hardware cost, power consumption and emissions.” You can find more information on why and how Vely provides these benefits here.

Vely is lightweight, feature-rich, and minimal. Vely instructions are integrated into C code, providing simplified and safer ways to perform common tasks such as web, database, strings, files, stream and execution, encoding and encryption , time, error handling, etc. Using Vely, software developers can create application servers in minutes, using the high-performance FastCGI protocol with standard web servers like Apache or Nginx.

Vely automatically and natively supports databases such as MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite that power millions of websites and devices, as well as secure protocols such as HTTPS. Learn more about Vely features, architecture and quality control.

“One of the biggest weaknesses of pure C development is memory access. Vely offers significant improvements with automatic memory allocation and garbage collection, increasing security and stability, especially for servers,” says Mijatovic. “Vely is also suitable for the Cloud because, among other things, it is easy to run in a container.”

Vely is a free Open Source software with LGPL 3 licensed libraries that allows the development of commercial applications. Go to to download and install Vely with standard Linux packages or from source code, and get started in minutes with a Hello World sample, tutorials, samples, and easy-to-use documentation.

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Sample Vely code, illustrating instructions embedded in C code

Sample Vely code, illustrating instructions embedded in C code



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