Internet outage in Canada due to software update, not in China!

The nationwide cell phone and internet outage in Canada was due to a software update, not a hack by China!

Take a look at the viral claim and find out what the facts really are!

To claim : China responsible for a mobile Internet outage + in Canada!

Hours after news broke of a massive internet outage in Canada, the Vancouver Times published a story claiming that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) had identified China as the responsible party.

The Vancouver Times also claimed that the RCMP would issue arrest warrants for the hackers responsible, who are linked to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Chinese state hackers are responsible for a massive internet outage that has crippled large parts of Canada, the RCMP say. The federal police agency is in the process of issuing arrest warrants for several people it believes are linked to the People’s Liberation Army.

The RCMP will hold a press conference in the coming days to announce the arrest warrants, sources say. Canadian intelligence agencies would receive advice from the CIA and FBI.

On Friday, a widespread Rogers network outage left many Canadians without mobile service or internet. The outages caused significant problems for police, courthouses, passport offices and other facilities.

The outage also disrupted services from retailers, courthouses, airlines, rail networks, credit card processors and police forces, causing many to delay business transactions. Many people were seen at Starbucks trying to use their internet service.

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Truth : Internet outage in Canada due to software update, not in China!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created by Vancouver Times to generate page views and money from gullible people.

Fact #1: Vancouver Times is a fake news site

Vancouver Times is a “content aggregator” (copy and paste) website that is known for creating fake news to generate more page views and money.

To look legit, they copy and paste news from legitimate news organizations. To generate traffic, they create fake news, sometimes masked as “satire”.

To give themselves a veneer of denial, they call themselves a “satirical website” in their About Us section.

The Vancouver Times is the most trusted source of West Coast satire. We write satirical stories about issues that affect conservatives.

Here are some of their fake news that we have debunked:

Fact #2: Outage only affects Rogers Communications

On Friday, July 8, 2022, Canada was hit by a massive cell phone and internet outage that affected businesses, banks and even police hotlines.

However, this only affected Rogers Communications and did not affect rivals like BCE, Telus and Shaw Communications.

The outage was significant because Rogers is Canada’s largest telecommunications provider, with approximately 11.3 million wireless subscribers and 2.25 million retail Internet subscribers.

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Rogers Communications

Fact #3: RCMP did not blame China for mobile + internet outage

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police did not blame China for the Rogers Communications mobile phone and internet outage.

It was invented by the Vancouver Times to trigger right-wing conspiracy theorists, to go viral and get more page views.

Fact #4: Rogers didn’t blame China for the mobile internet outage +

Rogers Communications itself did not blame China for its cell phone and internet outage.

Fact #5: Canada confirmed the outage was not a cyberattack

While the reason for the outage was still unknown, a spokesperson for Canada’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino confirmed to CTV News that “the outage was not due to a cyberattack“.

Fact #6: Rogers confirmed outage due to maintenance update

On July 11, 2022, Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri apologized for the nationwide outage of his services.

He also said the failure was due to “a maintenance update in our core network“. Maintenance work”caused some of our routers to malfunction early Friday morning“.

Fact #7: Rogers earlier outage also due to software update

It wasn’t the first time Rogers Communications’ network had gone down so drastically.

Just 15 months earlier – Rogers and its subsidiary, Fido, experienced a nationwide cell service outage in April 2021.

This breakdown was finally trace at “a recent Ericsson software update” this “assigned a piece of equipment in the central partof their network, leading toIntermittent congestion affecting many customers across Canada“.

Fact #8: It would have been considered an act of war

China’s attack on Canada’s mobile and Internet network would have been considered an act of war, had it been proven.

The Canadian government would have at least issued a strong statement, had it not cut diplomatic relations with China and/or enacted sanctions against the Chinese government.

Fact #9: No one else has reported this story

China’s attack on Canada’s mobile and internet infrastructure would have been major international news, reported around the world.

Yet, not only has no mainstream media covered this incredible story, it hasn’t even been reported on the usual conspiracy theory websites!

This is because it was a fake story created by a publication – Vancouver Times, in their attempt to go viral again for more page views and advertising money.

Fact #10: Publication ban does not exist

The Vancouver Times likes to use the “media blackout” allegation to explain why you can’t find any reputable media reporting that China is attacking Canada’s mobile and internet infrastructure.

This is total and complete bullshit. No one – not a judge, not even the Canadian government – ​​can control the world’s media or prevent anyone from writing about such an incredible story.

You can also be sure that even if the mainstream media in Canada had refused to carry the story, it would have been picked up by foreign media outlets, websites and blogs.

Yet not a single foreign media or online website has published its account of this incredible story? It’s because THIS NEVER HAPPENED…

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Ghislaine Maxwell gives Jeffrey Epstein a foot massage

Fact #11: Mainstream media + big tech would have loved the hype

The Vancouver Times sheds light on how the mainstream media and big tech want to hide the “truth” about China’s attack on Canada’s infrastructure.

They all would have loved such shocking news as it would have generated tons of traffic and engagement on their websites/platforms.

In fact, that’s precisely why the Vancouver Times created the fake story – to drive traffic, for advertising money.

Anything published by the Vancouver Times should be considered FAKE NEWSuntil proven otherwise.

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