i-Plant Nutrition Announces Software Update

YB AgTech’s cloud-based precision plant nutrition recipe division, i-Plant Nutrition, has announced new updates to its software. These updates allow i-Plant Nutrition not only to be more dynamic in terms of supply by allowing collaboration and the integration of new services, but also to make recipe calculations in a fraction of the time. This was done by rebuilding the software with the latest programming language and a new framework from Microsoft. In i-PNUK V3 you will now find new features such as our new NPK package and satellite integration among others. We are also now able to partner with various irrigation technology offerings. This new version of the software, produced by Yellow Brick Capital’s in-house technology company, YB Technology, enables more reliable service for all customers and users.

Software enhancements include integration with our core YB AgTech ecosystem. This technology has been developed for all YB AgTech software and hardware solutions and will contain all field, crop, nutrient, harvest and other data information to make recommendations to users. i-Plant Nutrition now has better security and performance and the fastest database technology available on the market, along with several other improvements and updates.

Since its launch in 2014, i-Plant Nutrition (formerly Smart Fertilizer) has gathered thousands of users worldwide. Customers around the world benefit from reduced-risk, precision fertilizer recipes, enabling increased yields and sustainable farming practices through the precise use and, in many cases, of fertilizers and pesticides. For example, Exeter Produce Ltd, based in Ontario, Canada, revealed that by using the software system, they were able to reduce pesticides by 25% while increasing yields of their crops (rutabagas and peppers) by 144% and 68% respectively. . This is a direct comparison to production without the software.

i-Plant Nutrition offers customers access to accurate, unbiased fertilizer recipes, now precision irrigation recommendations, combined with various indices from our satellite integration, increasing both yields and overall profitability, reducing risks and allowing the management of historical event data to make more informed decisions moving forward.

The i-Plant Nutrition software is also becoming more accessible to customers. Besides web accessibility (which was available with the Smart Fertilizer software), i-Plant Nutrition can also be used on a mobile app for Apple and Android devices. The API can be integrated directly into a business management platform for the customer. Additionally, i-Plant Nutrition offers white label services, providing customers with a virtual copy of the i-Plant Nutrition software, but with branding, logos and products that represent the company’s capabilities and personality. .

Johnathan Kol-Bar, CEO of i-Plant Nutrition, said, “We are pleased to announce the new version of our i-Plant Nutrition software. The new and improved offer provides users with new features that will enable an even more informed level of decision-making. -manufacturing based on real-time data. All this with a faster and more dynamic experience. The new software is one of many new updates we will be announcing for i-Plant Nutrition over the coming months as we seek to expand its offering globally. »