Huawei MatePad 10.4 receives HarmonyOS software update

Huawei strives to make the HarmonyOS ecosystem powerful, designed for the Internet of Everything era. Recently, Huawei officially launched the HarmonyOS Connect series courses to help developers.

According to the information, the Huawei HarmonyOS Connect series courses included a total of 7 courses that help developers quickly improve the efficiency of HarmonyOS Connect Ecosystem product development and certification.

Additionally, the courses teach HarmonyOS developers to create complete smart life product scenarios and help third-party companies and partners achieve win-win deals. Thus, the seven courses in the HarmonyOS Connect series include:

  1. Using the Device Partner Platform
  2. development tools
  3. Complete solutions
  4. UX design
  5. Device development
  6. Application development
  7. Test certificate

Moreover, the various developers still have several questions related to HarmonyOS development, certification, DevECo Studio, etc. In order to remove doubts and provide answers to these questions, Huawei organized the Video Class on the Device Partner platform and in particular launched the “HarmonyOS Connect Series Class”. [Link]

Course details:

Using the Device Partner Platform

Huawei Intelligent Hardware Partner Platform (Device Partner Platform, hereinafter referred to as DP Platform) is Huawei’s open platform for intelligent hardware ecosystem partners and provides one-stop service .

The “Device Partner Service Platform User Guide” course introduces the business process of the DP platform in detail, and also explains in detail how partners should fill in the relevant product information when applying.

This course was launched for 3 hour lesson, and each lesson hour is 5-10 minutes. Through studying this course, developers can perform business operations faster and more accurately, and can also access products faster and realize the business value of products as soon as possible.

development tools

The “Comprehensive Interpretation of HarmonyOS Connect Developer Tools” course explains in detail how to create the DevEco Device Tool environment from scratch in both Windows and Linux system environments. Based on DevEco Device Tool, one-stop quick development, debugging and tuning, let you fully understand the DevEco Device Tool development tool.

This set of lesson was launched for 14 hour lesson, and each lesson hour is about 10 minutes. It is worth mentioning that this course is not only full of professionalism but also operational – teaching you hand in hand just like teaching face to face with great skills. Don’t rush and enjoy!

Complete solutions

The “Comprehensive Interpretation of HarmonyOS Connect Solutions” course presents the overall content of the HarmonyOS Connect services package, including core services, enhanced services and applications, pre-integrated full solutions, and a one-stop integrated development environment. With the help of the full lifecycle solution learning and service platform, you can quickly and cost-effectively develop a product with the HarmonyOS Connect Super Device experience.

This course was launched for 3 hour lesson, and each lesson hour is about 10 minutes. The solution is also the link that partners are most likely to encounter issues in the process of accessing HarmonyOS Connect. Learning in advance can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and save a lot of time.

UX design

The “Full Interpretation of HarmonyOS Connect UX Design” course is a step-by-step course based on ecological thinking, which interprets the HarmonyOS Connect UX design from multiple levels of customer experience, partner experience, and developer experience , and helps developers to understand Super Device from different dimensions such as applications, devices and ecology.

Experience framework, creating a consistent complete system architecture and integrated 1+8+N comprehensive experience with built-in software and hardware interoperability.

This course was launched for 6 lesson hours, and each lesson hour is about 12 minutes ~ This course can help developers better understand HarmonyOS Connect UX design standards and specifications, fully understand the course content and help you help to work more easily in UX design!

Device development

Develop zero foundation? Never fear, the course starts with the basic concepts and will take you to the doorstep of developing HarmonyOS Connect devices! The “Comprehensive Understanding of HarmonyOS Connect UX Device Development” course presents an overview of OpenHarmony, explains the build tools and build environment for light and small systems, and focuses on how to introduce the functional modules developed in the system compilation. The relationship between product solutions and chip solutions.

This course was launched for 5 hour lesson, each lesson hour lasts about 9 minutes. I believe that after watching the video, you can easily solve the problem of equipment development.

Application development

The “Comprehensive Interpretation of HarmonyOS Connect App Development” course focuses on the access preparations that need to be made when developing atomized services, introduces how the HarmonyOS Connect app introduces Huawei ID capabilities and business flow account capabilities in the project.

This course was launched for 7 hour lesson, and each lesson hour is about 10 minutes ~ This course introduces in detail basic knowledge about apps like Ability, FA and PA in HarmonyOS app. Don’t worry about the “eyes learn, but hands fail” situation!

Test certificate

The “General Introduction to HarmonyOS Connect Device Certification” course introduces device certification and the HarmonyOS Connect certification process. The goal is to help partners quickly understand the whole HarmonyOS Connect certification process and complete the self-testing process, so as to quickly obtain the HarmonyOS Connect certification certificate and jointly develop commercial ambitions!

This course was launched for 2 hour course, each lesson hour is less than 10 minutes ~ Partners who do not understand the certification process can get the answer after reading this course.

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