Honor V9 smartphone gets HarmonyOS December 2021 software update

The OpenAtom foundation has released OpenHarmony 3.1 beta for the open source community. The OpenHarmony 3.1 beta will further pave the way for Huawei HarmonyOS operating system developers and industry partners to develop new applications that run on the latest changes and performance enhancements made by contributors.

In October, Huawei introduced OpenHarmony 3.0, which is a new version, and improvements have been made to OpenHarmony 2.2 Beta 2. Then this new beta is based on OpenHarmony 3.0 LTS and brings a bunch of new changes:

Improved core capabilities of the standard operating system:

Kernel improves CMA usage characteristics, graphics support RenderService back-end rendering engine, short distance communication supports STA (Station) and SoftAP core functionality, supports interface geomagnetic field algorithm and improves the capability of sensor drive models.

Support for querying and subscribing app account information, global feature support, compilation and build support, unified build model, front-end compilation toolchain for Windows / macOS / Linux when compiling and running, preview JS runtime support, new support for JSON processing, 6 JS third-party libraries including Eventbus, Vcard, Protobuf, RxJS, LibphoneNumber, new time and time zone handling and DFX support HiSysEvent components to provide request and subscription interfaces.

Improved distributed capacities:

including new support for distributed DeviceProfile features, support for distributed data management for synchronization and subscription between devices, support for distributed software bus for network switching networking, Distributed file system support for Statfs API capabilities etc.

The capabilities of the standard system application framework are improved: new ArkUI custom drawing capabilities and Lottie animation capabilities, new package management, hidden request and installation of multi-happy packages, rights management to support notifications of ‘events, notification vibration settings, notification sound settings and requests, do not disturb notifications, session notifications, etc.

OpenHarmony 3.1.  Beta

Better application capabilities:

input method apps support text input and horizontal screen layout display, SMS app information management, contact app call records and display dial pad, setup application, and other setup items.

Lightweight system capacity:

Lightweight HiStreamer supports customizable media pipeline framework, Linux init version supports hot swap, kernel boot optimization and operating system light driver, support boot ability fast.


OpenHarmony is an open source project of the HarmonyOS operating system developed by Huawei and donated to the OpenAtom Foundation. The goal is to create a framework and platform for a smart terminal operating system and promote prosperity for a full story, fully connected and fully intelligent era.