Google Pixel 6a receives the first software update! Get ready to install!

Google introduced the Google Pixel 6a a few months ago in May at the Google I/O conference. However, the device was slow to make its first sales. Its availability has also been extended to a bunch of markets recently. Shortly after the first sales, Google rolled out the first software update for the smartphone. This is common behavior for some companies, continuous updates as soon as shipping begins. After all, these devices are sent to stores without ironed software. The Pixel 6a is no exception and is get under the hood upgrades with the update. A curious fact is that the security patch dates back to June 2022.

Google Pixel 6a gets June 2022 security patch as we enter August

It’s really intriguing to see some Samsung smartphones receiving the August 2022 patch, while Pixel 6a remains stuck in June 2022. Google could have at least triggered the July 2022 security patch, because it’s still July. However, he decided to deploy a super outdated security patch. Of course, we shouldn’t get too upset with that. After all, the company can easily roll out a small update patch with new security patches in the coming weeks. The company may even skip July 2022 altogether and roll out the August patch to Google Pixel 6a in a few days.

The software update is rolling out in batches for the global, Japanese, and US variants of the Pixel 6a. US variants include AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon versions. Of course, it will also depend on the operators to continue and advance the Google update patch. Some users will be prompted to update shortly after the initial setup. Those who did not receive the update notification on the Google Pixel 6a can check manually by going to the Settings >> System >> System update menu of the smartphone.

The Google Pixel 6a is a cost-effective way to enter the Pixel world. The Google Pixel 6a brings the same Tensor chipset but cuts a few corners in other departments such as the camera. However, the variant is welcomed.

Will this update fix random fingerprint behavior on Google Pixel 6a series? Time will tell us.