Glimpse Group Announces Multi-Year Virtual Reality Software Licensing and Services Partnership with Edstutia

Adept XR, a subsidiary of Glimpse, partners with Edstutia to launch an immersive VR campus for higher education

NEW YORK, NY, July 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Adept XR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRAR; “Glimpse”) and provider of virtual reality (VR) and real-world learning and training software solutions and services Augmented (AR), today announced a six-figure, multi-year software licensing and services relationship with online modular higher education alternative company, Edstutia.

By leveraging Adept XR ( VR software platform – raise – Edstutia plans to build a one-of-a-kind immersive VR campus to enhance learning experiences, presentations, classroom discussions, as well as immersive road trips and video simulations. The launch of the first VR campus is planned for the fall semester of Edstutia in October 2021.

“I think virtual reality and augmented reality are going to completely reshape the way people learn,” said Edstutia founder and CEO Christine Janssen, PhD. “The immersive experiences created by Adept XR revolutionize traditional learning in a classroom, which typically relies on passive, distance learning.”

Dr. Janssen continued, “I have worked with Glimpse in different professional capacities over the past two years and have experienced firsthand the power of Adept XR’s Elevate VR platform for classroom engagement. The capabilities and possibilities offered by virtual reality to enhance student experience and educational impact are incredible. »

Lyron Bentovim, CEO of The Glimpse Group, said, “Edstutia is at the forefront of leveraging technology and experiential learning to disrupt outdated traditional ways of learning in higher education. We are thrilled to partner with Christine and Edstutia to help them achieve their goal of building a next-generation virtual campus, the first of its kind, for higher education. Glimpse continues to work with several other universities on the application of virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance the learning experience. »

About Adept XR

Adept Reality, LLC (dba Adept XR), a subsidiary of AR/VR Company The Overview group, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRAR) combines the science of learning, cutting-edge technology and a unique position in the virtual reality industry to provide amazing solutions to today’s toughest learning challenges. . Adept XR offers immersive learning solutions for higher education and corporate training;

About Edstutia:

Edstutia is a learning platform for the 21st century, disrupting the antiquated status quo of higher education. Edstutia is an online modular education alternative positioned at the intersection of business and technology, and was designed to make higher education more relevant, affordable and accessible. Experiential learning is at the heart of Edstutia – from engaging and hands-on projects to a contemporary learning curriculum to immersive experiences in the world’s first virtual reality campus. Edstutia promotes skills over scores and was developed to address the skills gap in the United States by bringing value to students, employees, and employers.

Edstutia was founded in December 2020 in New York by Christine Janssen, PhD, who has nearly two decades of relevant experience and has won several awards for her vision for the future of higher education. For more information, visit

About The Glimpse Group, Inc.

The Glimpse Group (NASDAQ: VRAR) is a diversified virtual and augmented reality platform company, comprised of multiple VR and AR software and services companies, and designed for the specific purpose of cultivating businesses in the emerging industry. VR/AR. Glimpse’s unique business model simplifies the challenges faced by VR/AR companies and creates a robust ecosystem, while simultaneously providing investors with the opportunity to invest directly in the emerging VR/AR industry through a diverse platform . For more information on Glimpse Group, please visit

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