Facebook is finally giving its ‘Ray-Ban Stories’ smart glasses a software update / Digital Information World

Facebook is finally adding a smart twist to its Ray-Ban Stories eyewear as the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently announcement a new software update via a post on Wednesday.

The popular pair of sunglasses that debuted in 2021 needed an update and despite numerous pleas from users, the company didn’t give in to their demands. But as the old saying goes, better late than never and now we are learning that a smart touch is being added to the smart device.

Right now, we’re hearing about several features being rolled out, including the ability to dial phone calls. At the same time, wearers could also text and hear them out loud with their WhatsApp accounts.

Mark Zuckerberg says the company will be rolling out a new update again soon that would give users voice-themed texts and replies on the two main messaging apps: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger through their smart pair of Ray- Ban Stories. But he failed to define what the term soon means here because in the past it was considered a long time to come.

In case you were wondering why the new software update is considered major news from Facebook’s end, well, the reason is quite simple. At the time of their launch, users were promised a smart device in the form of glasses, but the product really did not meet their expectations.

Many complaints were about the product not having any “smart” features. Yes, users could take pictures and record videos using the cameras installed in the device. Likewise, you might hear podcasts or even listen to your favorite tunes through poor quality speakers.

Plus, the speakers were designed to sit above your ears, not on or in them. As a result, people standing six feet away from you could literally hear what you were listening to. And you can only expect so many people to feel Meta.

Apart from these features, the pair of sunglasses were just regular Ray-Bans priced at a staggering $300.

We’re not sure what difference this new update will make to Meta’s sales of its smart glasses. We also don’t know if the update would still justify the price it currently sits at? But what we do know is that Meta is trying to make some changes, hopefully for the better.

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