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A jaw-dropping offer for “Technical College Instructors” and “Corporate Training and Development Managers”. Buy “The Service Technician Training Software Bundle” today to get the discount. No hidden terms and conditions or additional fees.

LA VEGAS, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Bin95 has now become a reliable educational licensing company that currently offers over 100 training products in popular fields such as mechanics, maintenance, engineering, automation and many more. . They currently offer students unlimited site and enterprise licenses for industrial automated control systems. Until the end of the year, the service technician training software bundle is offered at 50% off perpetual enterprise licenses. Obtaining a business license will allow a school or business to bring an exceptional program of many courses to students from anywhere. With a business license, these courses can be taught to every student on all of their campuses as well as every company employee, regardless of company size, for years to come.

The service technician training software bundle has also proven popular among global enterprises, small businesses, and organizations as they can now avail 31% off per site or 50% off for all sites (enterprise license). It will allow them to access study programs that are academically designed to standards and compliant with the U.S. Commission on Higher Education. With both perpetual and unlimited student licenses, companies can avoid the hassle of formulating the framework for a new program from scratch with the availability of these pre-built content modules and courses. The Service Technician Training Software Bundle includes software titles of 8 courses. Ideal for industrial maintenance technicians, it includes training on PLCs, PACs, HMIs, VFDs, motors and controls, the troubleshooting trainer, DeviceNet and the hydraulic power course.

According to initial reports, there are no hidden fees, terms or conditions when purchasing “The Maintenance Technician Training Software Bundle” perpetual enterprise license. With this license, there can be unlimited installations, and there is also no limit to the number of students who can take the courses of this software bundle.

Once downloaded, it can be accessed without internet, making it an ideal tool for distance learning as it is quite possible to access it anywhere, anytime. The lab manual is also provided for the convenience of course instructors. Additionally, each course in the set is highly interactive Windows software with built-in simulations, audio narration, and additional learning materials.

Perpetual site licenses (SL) and perpetual enterprise licenses (EL) are available on the Business Industrial Network (bin95.com). These Industrial Control Systems Training Courses (Kolwater Rockwell Automation Training Series) for Industrial Electrical and Maintenance Technicians are a great, inexpensive way to enhance learning in City College programs, from Community College and Technical University, while being out of the box solution for training and business development departments.

Corporate training directors, local chapters of the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, training centers and technical college instructors use these automation control certificate courseware programs to train in automation control industry and improve the electrical training of industrial electricians worldwide.

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