Digital Anatomy Creator software further advances medical modeling »

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Stratasys continues to improve anatomical modeling solutions for healthcare providers with the introduction of a new software module, Digital Anatomy Creator, for Stratasys Digital Anatomy 3D printers. The new software allows users to easily manipulate material formations and customize the internal structures of their impressions to obtain patient-specific anatomical models that are a direct replica of a patient’s pathological and biological anatomy.

Stratasys Digital Anatomy printers can produce medical models in a wide range of applications, from diagnostics to patient education. With Digital Anatomy Creator, users have access to additional options and commands to calibrate their printer materials to meet their specific anatomical model needs, allowing them to explore, customize, and create realistic models that behave and react like the real thing. Additionally, Digital Anatomy Creator allows users to create, replicate, and share designs within a community for patient-specific anatomy.

Today, healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to provide a more personalized level of care and ensure better outcomes from surgical procedures, while reducing costs and time spent in the operating room. By incorporating 3D printed anatomical models into their practice, providers can now provide patient- and pathology-specific anatomical models printed with materials that can mimic human tissue, allowing healthcare providers to use the anatomical models for diagnostic purposes, to develop hyper-personalized treatment plans, and to better prepare for surgical procedures.

“The Digital Anatomy Creator is the missing link between the patient, the printer, and the final printed 3D anatomical model,” said Seth Friedman, Ph.D., chief innovation, imaging and modeling officer at simulation for Seattle Children’s Hospital. “This new software has allowed us to customize our anatomical models to a mind-boggling level – we can now provide a truly personalized level of care to each of our patients, which is really important when working with children and their caregivers. “

In addition to the introduction of Digital Anatomy Creator, Stratasys continues to advance personalized healthcare by collaborating with Synopsys Simpleware ScanIP Medical and Materialize Mimics inPrint to certify that its Digital Anatomy and J5 MediJet printers will be included in medical modeling workflows FDA 510(k) approved. . These certifications allow Stratasys customers access to workflows for diagnostic anatomical modeling and further improve access to point-of-care 3D printing.

“We continue our journey towards accessible, accurate and realistic 3D medical modeling by deepening our flexibility in structural pathology with the introduction of the Digital Anatomy Creator module and validating our digital workflow with third-party segmentation software with FDA clearance. 510(k),” said Osnat Philipp, Vice President, Healthcare, Stratasys. “Our solutions enable providers to deliver the best healthcare that leads to better outcomes and establishes a new level of care.”