Device software updates now also appear in the software update

One of the most mysterious aspects of using multiple Apple devices comes when you connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a Mac and are greeted with a dialog box from an app called MobileDeviceUpdater telling you : “A software update is required to connect to the iPad. “

It responds to the fact that your device has a more recent version of its operating system than recognized by the Mac, so it is more likely to happen after updating your device. The Learn More button leads to an Apple support page, but it’s not that informative, as most of the time, the software update is required for your Mac to talk to the device.

In what appears to be an effort to reduce the level of confusion – this MobileDeviceUpdater dialog box must have caused countless support calls from people concerned about malware – Apple is now offering the update through Software Update. You no longer have to wait to plug in an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to get the device support update (as we now know it’s called).

Updating device support through software update

I’ve been sitting on this update for a week or two now since I wanted to check out what it was. I was lucky today when I plugged in my iPad Pro and got the usual MobileDeviceUpdater dialog. I made sure the software update always gave me the device support update, and then allowed the MobileDeviceUpdater dialog to update my Mac. After closing and reopening Software Update, the Device Support Update option is gone, confirming that they are the same.

I realize this is far from a shocking find, but it’s good to know for sure what will happen when installing the device support update from the update. software update. It doesn’t require a restart, and there’s no problem if you don’t because MobileDeviceUpdater will do its job the next time you plug in your device.