Crisis management software update arms leaders with real-time information, communications and situational awareness

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, RockDove Solutions celebrated the launch of In Crisis 365 v 7.0, a significant update to a widely adopted platform designed to handle a growing list of potential crises. In a world where high-stakes threats are the new normal, businesses face real challenges. In Crisis 365 v 7.0 delivered a personalized platform accessible from anywhere on any device with an encrypted connection – even inside Microsoft Teams.

Traditionally, crisis was considered an infrequent event. Organizations today face frequent and multiple crises at any given time. The demands on a leader’s time and focus are significant, and given the scale of the crisis, most leadership teams may find themselves out of normal operations for indefinite periods of time.

“When the stakes are high, it’s critical that all members of a crisis management team actively participate in what’s being said and what’s done,” said Chris Britton, managing director of RockDove Solutions. “Coordination is key to communicating a clear and actionable message.”

Communicating with urgency and precision in the heat of the moment can be one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders today, but there are solutions designed to manage the threats. Specifically, In Case of Crisis 365 gives organizations:

  • Up to the minute, on the ground, information about what is happening in relation to a crisis;

  • The ability to build your full crisis response team in real-time and ensure the engagement they need most;

  • Immediate access to the most up-to-date and approved language, plans, and other mission-critical information in the midst of a crisis;

  • A structure that pushes organizations to create specific crisis plans with prompts and manuals to bring order to the chaos of crisis.

A crisis is hard enough to handle; businesses need to have a solution in one place. Crisis Response 365 brings together the right mix of tools for today’s crisis management teams to effectively navigate and respond to the growing number of potential business disruptions.


Founded in 2012, RockDove Solutions launched In Case of Crisis to help organizations prepare for, identify and respond to emerging threats using a software platform approach. Since launch, RockDove Solutions has set itself the goal of creating a platform that is highly accessible and supports business processes and risk management best practices. Today, In Case of Crisis 365 is used by hundreds of organizations, handling thousands of issues and crises across the risk spectrum every day. Learn more: