Codenotary launches first software to keep tamper-proof records of software license compliance

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Codenotary, the leader in tamper-proof data protection, today announced Auditable Change Management (ACM), the first and only software that enables organizations to maintain a tamper-proof record of changes to their application infrastructure to manage license fees more effectively and achieve a significant reduction in operating expenses (OPEX).

Until now, organizations have been subject to hefty licensing fees, with a large portion of the license sitting unused to allow for “margin” to avoid violating licensing fees for maximum usage. With ACM, companies do not need to pay for maximum VMware vSphere configurations – for software licenses such as Oracle Database, Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA – because they keep auditable records, tamper-proof and accurate for the resources they actually use.

“With our new ACM platform, organizations now have an indelible and accurate record of their VMware infrastructure configuration and resource usage, as well as time-stamped changes, providing proof of compliance. license,” said Dennis Zimmer, co-founder and chief technology officer. officer at Codenotaire. “Support for additional infrastructure providers is planned in the near future.”

ACM users have the benefit of knowing they are meeting licensing requirements and when a license change is required, such as when migrating an application to a more powerful server, they can contact proactively the software vendor.

Codenotary is the primary maintainer of immudb, the first and only enterprise-class open-source immutable database with large-scale data persistence for demanding applications – up to billions of transactions per day. There have been over 15 million downloads of immudb to date. Codenotary uses immudb as the tamper-proof base for their ACM product.

Auditable change management is now available starting at a cost of $550 per host per year. For more information, go here.

About Codenotaire

With over 100 customers, including the three largest banks in the US and Europe, Codenotary brings easy-to-use trust and integrity into the software lifecycle by providing end-to-end cryptographically verifiable tracking and provenance. for all artifacts, actions and dependencies. Codenotary can be configured in minutes and can be fully integrated into modern CI/CD platforms. It is the only immutable, customer-verifiable solution capable of processing millions of transactions per second. With Codenotary’s tamper-proof BOM, users can instantly identify untrusted components in their software releases. For more information, visit