ClickDesigns Reviews – Is Click Designs Software Worth It?

Businesses should design logos and websites as part of their marketing plan. Good designs affect the success of any business because they create a creative force that attracts customers. Businesses also need to change their graphics and designs.

Stunning graphics allow you to stand out and beat any form of competition. However, writing a good design for your business can be expensive. Graphic designers charge for each graphic developed for the company. Therefore, you will spend more money to complete the design phase of the business.

Businesses can now overcome these cumbersome processes by using online software that will automatically do the designing for you. However, most of these programs lack the necessary features to help you create good graphics for your business.

Nonetheless, with ClickDesigns, business owners can design websites, logos, sales funnels, and site builders without the need for an expert.

What is ClickDesigns?

ClickDesigns is a ready-to-use application that helps you design different business graphics to suit your marketing needs. One can use the program to design business graphics corresponding to the niche. All you have to do is drag and drop design features onto the template to suit your needs.

It consists of user-friendly controls that allow users to easily design without expertise.

What are the features of ClickDesigns?

Blank multipurpose canvas

One can use the black canvas or the customizable templates on the dashboard. It lets you unleash your creativity using thousands of icons, shapes, photos and effects. You can also change the angles and spacing of the letters and add external features.

Point-and-click, drag-and-drop editor

One can use the point-and-click editor to quickly create attractive designs. The drag and drop editor allows you to select and place the different features of the elements you need.

User-friendly dashboard

The easy-to-use dashboard and intuitive interface allow you to create different designs without any level of expertise. One can create any design without any difficulty.

28 industry-specific templates

The program contains stylish templates available for use by anyone in your niche. These niche-specific templates are customizable to ensure you explode your business using unique and eye-catching graphics.

Customizable 2D and 3D models

The program contains professionally designed templates written by world-class designers. These customizable templates allow users to point, click and customize.

Multi-angle layout views

The development of ClickDesigns takes into consideration the target market of each industry. Hence, it consists of different angles and layouts that you can choose from to attract the right audience. You can click on the most preferred angle for the model, allowing you to speak directly to your customers.

High resolution downloads

A realistic looking photo makes it easy for a company to describe their products. Customers can see and feel the attention to detail triggered by a high resolution photo.

Live Preview

The program allows you to preview your final design before uploading it. This feature allows you to track your progress on the dashboard and make any necessary changes.

How do click designs work?

Point and click

Develop engaging designs by clicking without the need for technical skills. It saves you a lot of time, money and sanity.


Enter the designs created in blogs and websites and use them to generate traffic.


The designs create a magnetic attraction that attracts customers to the websites. It also increases the number of views, clicks, likes and shares, which increases your page ratings.

Who should use ClickDesigns

  • Digital Marketing
  • Bloggers
  • Video developers
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online course creators
  • Editors and authors
  • Software developers
  • Contractors
  • E-commerce store owners

What are the benefits of using ClickDesigns for your business graphics?

  • The only versatile design software that meets the needs of all types of businesses.
  • It allows users to develop stunning designs for websites, blogs, and sales funnels without the need for a professional.
  • It consists of user-friendly features that make it easy to use
  • It contains several ready-to-use and customizable templates that allow you to design your final model in minutes
  • It comes with a free commercial license which allows you to sell your designs to anyone in the world

ClickDesigns Plans and Pricing

The ClickDesigns program is available only on the official website. It comes with two options to choose from which include;

  • Personal Plan @ $45.00 Includes: Logo and favicon design templates, 2D and 3D boxshot design templates, 2D and 3D book cover design templates, 2D report design templates, digital device mockup design templates, design templates photo editor, instant live preview, step-by-step video tutorials so you can go from zero to expert instantly, drag and drop, point and click editor, 100% fully customizable template and 28 niche categories
  • The $47.00 Commercial Plan includes: Group photo design templates, instant live preview, step by step video tutorials so you can go from zero to expert instantly, drag and drop, point and click editor, 100% fully customizable template and 28 niche categories,
  • Logo and favicon design templates, 2D and 3D boxshot design templates, 2D and 3D book cover design templates, 2D report design templates, digital device mockup design templates.

The price difference is minimal, but it comes with big differences in accessible features. One can also upgrade each plan to access more features. These upgrades include:

  • Unlimited ClickDesigns @ $97.00
  • ClickDesigns Professional @ $77.00
  • Design Pages @ $67.00
  • ClickDesigns Agency @ $197.00

Once you purchase, the ClickDesigns program is hosted on the cloud. Users do not need to install it on the computer and it gives you instant access. Therefore, it can be accessed anywhere in the world without carrying your laptop or desktop.

The product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. Therefore, users can request a refund within the first three months of purchase. Those with further questions or for a refund can email:

  • Product Support:
  • Order Support:!/

Final word on ClickDesigns

Businesses need to incorporate the latest technologies into their designs to help retain customers and attract new ones. ClickDesigns is one of the latest programs for entrepreneurs to design graphics for their websites, blogs, and business reports without technical expertise. The all-in-one tool has several features that make designing easy.

The user-friendly interface lets you create templates in minutes. The ClickDesign package includes the free commercial license which allows you to sell designs in any part of the world.