Capture One Software is dropping its Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony versions

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In order to devote resources to products coming later this year (including Capture One 23, Capture One for iPad and Capture One Live), Capture One has just announced that it has discontinued (effective today, on January 18) its brand-specific versions of its software for Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony. although the free Capture One Express remains available.

“We wanted to consolidate our product line and make it easier for professional photographers to collaborate and move ahead of a series of exciting new products,” Capture One said in its recent press release.

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But all is not lost. Current software releases from Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony will continue to work and version 22 users will continue to receive feature updates for the life of Capture One 22.

In addition, the company offers interesting upgrade options. Version 22 subscribers and perpetual licensees have the option of a free upgrade to the full version of Capture One Pro 22 in April (offer expires when Capture One Pro 23 launches in the latter part of 2022). Look for an email reminder when the upgrade is available as well as instructions on how to upgrade to Capture One Pro 22; another reminder will be sent before the offer expires if you choose not to upgrade in the next few months.

Users of version 21 or earlier can upgrade to Capture One Pro 22 at a 25% discount (equivalent to upgrading brand-specific apps to version 22). But you’ll need to take advantage of this pricing before April 18, 2021.

Bug fixes will be available for two years from the release date of your current brand-specific software.

Capture One has a helpful site with FAQs and important dates and information, including how to port to a new release. Take a few minutes to visit it here.