Bring your own cartoons to life with this $ 50 software and instruction bundle

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If you’ve seen some of the stuff that’s on TV these days, you know that the standards for what is being aired may be lower than they’ve ever been before. Sure, there are some cool, well-done shows that still air, but the vast majority of the content seems to be the result of just throwing ideas at the wall and hoping they stick.

Consumers may see this as a bad thing because it’s harder to find something you want to see, but what if you were a designer? Creators are taking advantage of this new world because there are more opportunities than ever to show your work to a large audience.

But putting on your own show is very difficult, especially if you don’t have an audience and the necessary equipment. Fortunately, there is a way around this: animation. With Windows Complete Cartoon Animator 4 Pro Pack, you can learn how to animate your own cartoon with a story of your own.

With this collection you will get Cartoon Animator 4, a 2D animation software that offers the easiest way to create your own cartoon from scratch. And designer Mark Diaz will teach you the 12 Principles of Animation, 12 principles that will take you from a novice level to a point where you will have no trouble bringing your vision to life. Finally, once you have mastered the second dimension, you will learn to bring your work into the third with 3D motion sampling, the last frontier of animation.

All in all, you get all the right tools to get your feet started in the world of animation. A student gave the bundle 5 stars, saying, “The software alone is a great buy at this price! But you get a lot, a lot more.

Right now, you can get the Windows Complete Cartoon Animator 4 Pro bundle for $ 50, which is 79% off.

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