Boss Releases New Version 2 Software Update for Katana MkII Users |

Boss has unveiled a brand new software update for its ever-popular Katana MkII line of amps. Introducing a host of improvements and new additions to units, users will be delighted to know that they can now get even more out of their amplifiers, completely free of charge.

The latest software was unveiled yesterday (July 14) and is available to all Katana MkII users. Offering a huge range of new additions to the amp, the update makes it easier than ever for players to achieve precise, controlled tone.

Two new effects, Centa Overdrive and Solo EQ, are included in the update, along with a new range of three global EQs, each allowing users to adjust the overall sound to suit their guitar model and their style of play.

The cabin’s expanded IR capabilities are also included in the latest software release, along with the new Contour settings. Providing access to three different settings and four customizable frequency curves, these enhanced settings give players the ability to expertly shape and alter their base tone with more precision than ever before.

A new movable solo block in the FX chain allows creators to fine-tune lead guitar tones via the GA-FC foot controller or an external pedal, while the introduction of a new EQ block allows for tonal adjustment.

Whether a Katana-50, Katana-Head, Katana 100, Katana-Artist or Katana-100/212 model owner, all Boss users can access the latest update completely free of charge by going to the brand support page.

Here, a step-by-step guide on how to load the new software into the amp can be accessed by simply selecting the amp type and uploading the file titled “System Update”.

Learn more about Boss’s website.