Bogen Communications Announces Nyquist C4000 Version 4.0 Software Update – rAVe [PUBS]

Bogen Communications announced the Nyquist Software version C4000 version 4.0. Bogen Communications’ Nyquist C4000 Version 4.0 is designed to meet the communication needs of commercial environments. The software-centric, IP-based paging and intercom solution leverages the latest software technologies and third-party integrations to meet the rapidly changing security challenges facing today’s businesses.

Nyquist C4000 Version 4.0 emphasizes ease of use through its intuitive user interface. It boosts critical performance with automated server failover capabilities and powerful scripted automated action sequences called routines. Nyquist C4000 Version 4.0 offers an automated system configuration and upgrade process to allow customers to quickly deploy important new features. When upgraded to version 4.0, users have access to over 50 new features and enhancements, including a variety of new routine actions.

Additionally, routine actions can now be executed conditionally based on many real-time variables for even more targeted responses to critical events. Other important new features in version 4.0 include a 72-hour backup tone/event schedule built into all system audio devices that automatically activates in the event of a server or network failure to ensure distribution of notifications until the server or network can be restored.

Version 4.0 supports various visual and audible notifications based on National Weather Service alerts. In addition to traditional sound alerts, automated notifications are also delivered via the Nyquist system’s telephone administrative display, desktop web user interface, and clock/message combo displays.