Be very careful when installing a software update on a wireless headset or TWS


We currently live in a world where even budget headphones and earphones will receive software updates. In most cases, device makers push for software updates to improve the overall user experience or to fix some bugs.

Be very careful when installing the software update on a wireless headset

In very limited cases, these software updates are also used to provide new functionality, only if a brand claims something at launch. This means that most of the software updates available for wireless headphones will be minor updates and might not change anything drastically.

Be careful when installing a software update

Unlike smartphones and laptops, wireless headphones will not have a port for data exchange. Although most wireless headphones have some sort of port (micro USB or USB Type-C), these ports are only used for charging and not for transferring data.

Therefore, in most cases, a software update for a wireless earphone is provided through Bluetooth. Due to the limitations of Bluetooth technology, installing new updates takes some time. Therefore, always make sure that the headphones will have at least 50% battery power when installing a software update.

Suppose your wireless headphones are low in charge and you initiate a software update, then if the headphones run out of battery during the installation process, the device will be stuck. As these devices do not have a diagnostic port, even the OEM will not be able to reflash the software.

If you’re lucky, you should be able to get a brand replacement. However, there will be a good chance that the brand does not offer a replacement, indicating that the damage was caused by the negligence of the user.

How to install a software update on wireless / TWS headphones

When installing an update, which mostly happens through an app, make sure the paired smartphone is connected to a WiFi network, and then make sure the headphones have at least 50% battery power before launching. the update process. Make sure you don’t close the app on your smartphone until the update is complete.

How not to install a software update on the wireless / TWS earphones

Never initiate a software update process while you are on the move or on the go. Always make sure the paired smartphone is close to the earpiece while pushing for a software update. Do not run a software update when the battery is low on the smartphone or earphones / TWS.

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Article first published: Saturday 23 October 2021, 13:58 [IST]