Arenko signs new software license agreement as it targets global markets

Arenko continues to expand the portfolio of assets it leverages, which includes the 41MW Bloxwich battery in the West Midlands. Picture: Arenko.

Arenko continued to expand its operations, signing a software license agreement with a “big” publicly traded energy infrastructure company.

Its end-to-end trade optimization and automated dispatch software will be used to manage the company’s growing battery storage portfolio – which has not been disclosed at this point – over the next two years.

The customer is the first software licensee to benefit from Arenko’s technical expertise and ability to quickly access new markets, the company said.

“We are delighted to sign this major software agreement which opens up the global software market for Arenko,” said Rupert Newland, Founder and CEO of Arenko Group.

“Our technology provides the flexibility energy companies need to access and deliver the full capabilities of their flexible assets. We look forward to securing this contract and many more as the software partner of choice for asset owners and operators supporting the transition to a zero carbon network. ”

This partnership follows the signing of a new contract by Arenko to optimize the 22 MW / 16 MWh battery at Vattenfall, the first battery storage site to be co-located with a wind farm in the United Kingdom. In February, it also began optimizing the 10MW battery assets of the Gore Street Energy Storage Fund.

Earlier this year, the company became the first vendor to qualify a unit as a non-balancing mechanism while complying with the dynamic containment requirement for real-time monitoring.