Apple’s software update for sharing health data with doctors comes to iPhones

Apple iPhone’s latest software update, iOS 15, was released on September 20 and will allow users to share data from their Health app with their doctors, according to a September 20 report from The edge.

Five things to know:

  1. Apple unveiled the health records sharing initiative on June 7. Patients can share the data collected on their Health app, such as heart rate and exercise time.
  2. Six EHR companies are participating in the launch, including Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech and DrChrono. Any hospital that uses Cerner’s EHR can implement tools to be interoperable with Apple’s health sharing feature. However, they will need to balance the implementation of these tools with COVID-19 outbreaks, said Sam Lambson, vice president of interoperability at Cerner. The edge.
  3. “Once our customer organizations see a demo and understand it, the questions are mostly about how quickly they can implement it,” said Lambson.
  4. Some healthcare organizations that use Allscripts have already implemented the feature through a pilot program and have used it with a few patients. Tina Joros, vice president and general manager of Allscripts, said a test group was particularly excited about the ability for patients to have their blood pressure taken at home. The generally recommended cuff for patients can sync with the Health app and share the data with their doctors.
  5. DrChrono and Allscripts will track how often the feature is used by hospitals and healthcare providers.