Apple TV to see improvements with next software update

A version of the HBO Max app running on an Apple TV device. (Images courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Apple, Inc.; graphic by The Desk)

Apple’s streaming TV hardware will see a number of minor improvements when a new version of the gadget’s operating software is released later this year.

At a developer conference on Monday, Apple executives said Apple TV will soon enable greater engagement on other Apple products like iPhones and iPad tablets when viewers stream content to their TVs.

The integration would allow users to stream content from a video app while using the same app on their phone to chat with users, among other use cases. It could also allow motion-tracking hardware in gadgets like the Apple Watch and iPhone to offer more personalized workouts on workout apps like Apple Fitness.

Apple TV will also support more third-party game controllers, including Nintendo’s Joy-Cons and Pro Controller, and offer HDR10+ support for better video quality on supported apps.

The updated operating system software, called tvOS 16, will also improve Apple TV’s multi-user functionality, allowing multiple people in a household to use the hardware with separate streaming credentials.

Apple will release a beta version of tvOS 16 next month, with the finalized version available to the general public in the fall.