AJA’s KONA, Io and T-TAP Pro Products Receive Software Update by Jose Antunes

AJA introduces desktop software and SDK v16.2 with a wide range of workflow enhancements, including the latest macOS support, for macOS Monterey, as well as Windows 11.

The new feature-rich release of AJA video Systems introduces a wide range of workflow enhancements, including the latest macOS support; new OBS Studio compatibility; 12-bit, 444, RGB enhanced workflows for 4K/UltraHD; improved LUT functionality; new codec and special playback support in the control room; and extended multi-channel audio. The release also underpins the launch of Io X3the newest addition to AJA’s Io line of powerful Thunderbolt 3 connected mobile capture and output devices.

According to AJA, Desktop Software v16.2 is now free to download from the AJA website and includes support for macOS Monterey and Windows 11. Once Desktop Software is installed on a system running OBS Studio v27.2 or later, some devices AJA will be immediately available for multi-channel or single-channel capture and switching up to 4K/UltraHD 30p and 2K/HD 60p.

OBS Project Lead Contributor Colin Edwards shared, “With the release of the new AJA Plugin for OBS Studio, users have even more choices for integrating OBS into professional broadcast workflows. This plugin sets a new standard for reliability and customization when working with broadcast material. AJA has set an example for other hardware manufacturers to open source their SDK and driver source code. We would like to thank the engineers at AJA who worked with us to make this happen.

AJA's KONA, Io and T-TAP Pro products receive software updateSDK v16.2 introduces a host of new features

Here is the complete information shared by AJA Video Systems about this new release:

Desktop Software v16.2 also enables greater flexibility and more accurate and vivid 4K/UltraHD color workflows, thanks to the new 12-bit, 4:4:4, RGB firmware for KONA 5 and Corvid 44 12G, with support for load a bit pipeline between capture and color space conversion and output. This feature is supported by an upgrade to .cube format for all 12-bit and 10-bit LUT capabilities, bringing greater compatibility between AJA hardware and third-party color and mastering applications. Workflow options with included AJA Control Room software are expanded with the addition of H.264 and H.265 capture and playback up to 2K/HD 60p, including timecode support and subtitling, and additionally offer seamless compatibility with mobile devices, PCs and AJA Ki Pro GO Media. This release also includes new deep buffer capabilities for the control room to maintain stable and flawless playback in the event that storage or network bottlenecks interrupt data flow from storage to the host. video output. With the introduction of Io X3, a new MultiView feature allows monitoring of up to four incoming SDI sources on a single external HDMI monitor, providing a trusted view for multi-channel workflows with OBS Studio and Telestream Wirecast.

In addition to traditional enrollment in the AJA Developer Program, AJA’s world-class SDK v16.2 is now also available via Open Source, providing multiple options for developers looking to integrate powerful AJA technologies into the design and product development. SDK v16.2 also introduces a host of new features, including 64/32 channel audio support with KONA 5, Corvid 44 12G, Corvid 88 and Corvid 44, allowing users to ingest and produce up to to 64 discrete audio channels over multiple SDI links. , perfect for the latest 8K workflows that require 22.2 audio mastering.

Release highlights include:

  • Support for macOS Monterey and Windows 11
  • Multi-channel support for OBS Studio (from v2.27) up to 4K/UltraHD 30p and 2K/HD 60p for KONA 5, KONA 4, KONA HDMI, Io 4K Plus, Io X3 and T-TAP Pro
  • Upgraded 12-bit, 4:4:4, 4K RGB/UltraHD Firmware for KONA 5 and Corvid 44 12G
  • 12-bit LUT support and .cube LUT compatibility improvements for AJA Control Panel
  • H.264 and H.265 Capture and Playback for AJA Control Room
  • Deep buffers for sustained playback for AJA Control Room
  • MultiView over HDMI output, offering display of multiple sources on a single monitor, via SDK v16.2 and KONA 5
  • Access to the core AJA SDK for the open source developer community
  • 64/32 channel audio support for KONA 5, Corvid 44 12G, Corvid 88 and Corvid 44

“Desktop Software v16.2 is a huge update. Ensuring the highest fidelity images with wider color depth, 12-bit color support during post-production and monitoring and is essential for any production looking to achieve the desired look,” said Nick Rashby, president of AJA Video Systems. “Desktop Software and SDK v16.2 extends 12-bit RGB support on our production-proven KONA, Io, Corvid, T-TAP Pro, and new Io X3, while introducing new features to streamline workflows We are also excited to open the AJA SDK to contributions from global open source developers, whose contributions can drive new innovation and help drive the industry forward.

Price and availability

AJA Desktop Software v16.2 is now available for free download at The AJA support pageand AJA SDK v16.2 is available to participants of the AJA Developer Program as a free download at AJA developer partner site. The Open Source developer community can access the AJA SDK from AJA’s GitHub page.