AJA releases software update for its mini-converters by Jose Antunes

AJA Video Systems has released Mini-Config v2.26.4, a free software update that brings several user-requested enhancements to its popular line of mini-converters.

From production to posted and live events, AJA Mini-Converters offer the most comprehensive range of compact, self-contained conversion and infrastructure solutions, engineered to the highest standards of reliability and quality. AJA’s range of mini converters covers a wide range of 4K, HD and SD conversion needs covering broadcast, production, post and proAV.

AJA is now releasing Mini-Config v2.26.4, a feature-rich software update that streamlines conversion workflows and provides increased flexibility for its line of mini-converters. The release brings several user-requested enhancements to HA5-12G, HA5-4K, HA5-Plus, HA5-Fiber, Hi5-12G, Hi5-4K-Plus, 4K2HD, 12G-AM and 12G-AMA mini-converters from AYA.

AJA releases software update for its mini-convertersAll new features available

Here is a description of the new features added with this free update:

HA5-12G and HA5-4K

AJA Mini-Config v2.26.4 adds input signal pre-processing controls to the HA5-12G and HA5-4K mini-converters, allowing professionals to accept high-jitter sources. All HA5-12G mini-converters now also support 12-bit SDI output, include Genlock commands for “HDMI In” and “Free Run” selections, and automatically mute SDI output if no valid signal is detected on the HDMI cable or if it is removed.

HA5-Plus and HA5-Fiber

Via the latest release, AJA has added a simple Frame Rate Converter (FRC) to the HA5-Plus and HA5-Fiber mini-converters that uses a frame drop/repeat methodology to convert video frame rates from input integers to non-integers (eg p60 to p59.94) or non-integer to integer (eg p59.94 to p60). The newly added EDID emulation allows users to specify a video format for the EDID, and the information is then sent to the source video device. The function can indicate whether YCbCr formats are supported as well as the number of audio channels supported (2 or 8).

Hi5-12G and Hi5-4K Plus

AJA Mini-Config v2.26.4 adds 12-bit support for AJA Hi5-12G and Hi5-4K-Plus mini-converters.

12G-AM and 12G-AMA

Complementing Mini-Config v2.26.4, an internal 1.5G-SDI signal generator allows the 12G-AM and 12G-AMA mini-converters to allow the integration path to operate without the need to connect a source to the input SDI. HDR and Colorimetric metadata are now also displayed for these models in Mini-Config.

“Media and entertainment professionals need to be able to seamlessly move signals between various equipment in the field, which requires reliable, high-quality conversion. AJA is developing a wide range of mini-converters to meet these needs, and we continue to advance our mini-converter feature set to help professionals adapt to any scenario the job might pose,” said the AJA President Nick Rashby. “AJA Mini-Config v2.26.4 brings a host of powerful new features and improvements that we are excited to share with users.”

Additional improvements for AJA 4K2HD, Hi5-12G, Hi5-4K-Plus and 12GM mini-converter models are also available via Mini-Config v.2.26.4. AJA recommends all AJA Mini-Converter users to download the free update from Mini Setup Support Page. For more details on AJA’s Mini-Converter products, visit: www.aja.com/family/mini-converters.